Need a mental health day? Try it with MJ. Here’s how

by DGO Web Administrator

Sometimes you just need a day. Call it a “mental healther,” a timeout, a little break, whatever you will. Every season or so, it is sagely prescribed that you take a bit of time to simply remove yourself from the rat race – in whatever form you partake – and spend that day (maybe even a self-made three-day weekend) to indulge in a little cocoon that you spin for yourself in order to be refreshed, to see that part of the world that you normally do not experience because you are usually busy with the orders, lists, and responsibilities of the capitalist system which keeps food on your table and a roof over your head. Maybe it’s a day away with Mary Jane.

To devote a day to just getting high sounds like a stoner’s dream and a pretty simple plan and, it really is, but there are a few areas of focus that could turn it from a completely wasted day (which is also necessary every once in a while) to a day that puts you in touch with the true energy of cannabis – a plant teacher that imparts the lessons of open-hearted wonder, the opportunity to look at the world and yourself in a more gentle light, and the space to be overtaken. And, in doing so, to realize that we are more than a group of appointments on a calendar and the bottom line on a balance sheet. Here are some preparedness ideas and a list of supplies that you could make for yourself or easily procure with a visit to Ye Olde Weede Shoppe:

While I am of the opinion that being high is a great state for many activities and types of interactions, there are definitely things that being anything but clear-headed can turn into a total bummer. Many of these can be avoided by simply turning off your phone. (If someone feels that they need to burden you with a work-related question that they have determined cannot wait 24 hours or a personal issue that is likely to resolve itself even without your capable assistance, well, too bad – they are just going to have to get in line behind Mary Jane.)

Your stash for the day should include at least the following:

A variety of edibles – sativa and indica. Bring plenty, and for the edible-experienced among us, go as far as you need to go. Though, be sure to save one for bedtime.

At least three joints: One big one, to share with a friend or three; one regular-sized one, to be shared or to waste a couple hours with; one pin-sized one, because sometimes there is only time for a pinner.

As far as where to go and what to do, heed your personal preferences, but I will strongly suggest the following three components: Movies, music, and nature. Movies, especially comedies, are gold when combined with THC. Anything from Cheech and Chong to standup will bring tears to your eyes and cartoons take on special dimensions. I know of few pairs that work as well together as marijuana and music. I don’t know exactly why (at least not in the space permitted here) but these two are on the level of peanut butter and jelly when it comes to individual ingredients exceeding the sum of their parts. Every day, IMHO, should include some sort of interaction with nature, so if taking a high holiday is the spur that pushes you into the wilds, all the better (and you can thank me by taking a deep breath and promising to get out more often).

Make this happen soon, DGO, and don’t forget the most important element of a day like this, the wake-and-bake.

Christopher Gallagher lives with his wife and their four dogs and two horses. Life is pretty darn good. Contact him at [email protected].


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