Ready for one last summer road trip? Visit these 5 weed-friendly Colorado hot spots for your final summer fling.

by Amanda Push

Summer break may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean it’s a less than stellar time to travel. In fact, it could be a great time to travel across the great state of Colorado. Fewer tourists mean fewer people on the roads, more parking spots in hot areas, and maybe even less crowded hotels and restaurants. (OK, OK. Probably not realistic, but we said maybe.)

If you’re a Coloradoan, you know there’s lots to see in this big, beautiful state of ours. And, it just so happens that some of the best places to visit are also weed-friendly, which makes them even better.

So, if you’re itching to get in that one last summer trip, it’s time. Pack a bag, gather some friends, and take a mini-road trip to these cannabis friendly destinations.

1. The Marijuana Mansion in Denver, ColoradoWhen visiting Denver, consider swinging your stoner self by Marijuana Mansion. This historic AND haunted three-story mansion offers self-guided tours, private photoshoots, and the chance to book private parties where you may use cannabis freely.

Another reason you should check this place out? Turns out, Marijuana Mansion played a direct role in bringing cannabis legalization to Colorado. According to the Marijuana Mansion website, it served as the headquarters for the Marijuana Policy Project, the group responsible for helping to shape the future of cannabis policy for Colorado back in 2012. This building, dear readers, is where Amendment 64 was written, the bill that permitted the legal use of marijuana. It’s basically the U.S. Capitol for stoners, if you will.

2. The weed-loving town of Trinidad, ColoradoKnown as the dispensary capital of Colorado, Trinidad is an ideal destination for anyone looking to hang in one of the most weed friendly areas of the state. With more than 20 dispensaries operating out of this small mountain town of 9,000 residents, you can find just about any cannabis product your stoner heart desires here.

Spend your stay at one of the many 420 friendly hotels or Airbnbs like Tower 64, which not only allows you to partake in the greenery on their grounds but is also pet friendly. The history behind this historic building adds another layer of fascination. Believed to have been constructed back in the 1930s, this 100-foot tower was built with the purpose of helping the U.S Forest Service spot fires from miles away.

Not only is Trinidad a marijuana haven, but you can also partake in plenty of outdoor areas in the area. In 2020, just south of Trinidad, Colorado opened the state’s newest state park, Fishers Peak State Park, a whole 19,200 acres of mountains, wildlife, and epic views.

3. Joyful Journey Hot Springs in Moffat, ColoradoIn the small town of Moffat, Colo., lies the Joyful Journey Hot Springs, a retreat that prides itself on being 420 friendly, LGBTQ friendly, and pet friendly. Just 30 minutes away from the spiritual destination of Crestone and 40 minutes away from the Great Sand Dunes National Park, it’s hard to imagine ever getting bored at Joyful Journey Hot Springs.

Guests may lounge at the resort’s relaxing hot springs, which many believe to have healing powers, pamper themselves at the spa, tour the greenhouse, or get lost in the Labyrinth. Any visitors who stay overnight (accommodations include yurts, tipis, campsites, and cabins) can enjoy the hot springs for free. Joyful Journey also offers art classes, yoga classes, and retreats.

4. Arrowhead Manor in Denver, ColoradoWhile most establishments frown on cannabis use and will charge steep fines if you’re caught smoking joints on their property, thankfully, Colorado is full of hotels and bed and breakfasts that are much more understanding.

If you’re looking to stay the night in Denver, consider staying at 420 friendly places like Arrowhead Manor where you’ll be able to toke in peace (though, like most places, you’ll need to take your business outside to your room’s private deck if you’re smoking).

Arrowhead Manor is even close to attractions like Red Rocks Amphitheater. At this stadium, which has attracted the likes of Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead, and Phish, you can watch your favorite bands or acts against the beautiful backdrop of Red Rocks Park.

Aside from Red Rocks, you can also enjoy the bed and breakfast’s spa services, private or group coaching, or a 20-minute drive to Denver’s downtown area.

5. Wilderness Bud and Breakfast in Rio Blanco, ColoradoDuring your stay at Wilderness Bud and Breakfast, you’ll be cozy on the banks of the Rio Blanco with a spectacular view of the San Juan Mountain Range. As this establishment is 420 friendly, you’re permitted to smoke throughout the entire campground.

Not only do you get to hang out with llamas, you’ll also be privy to a 420 Happy Hour where you are free to try some of the most delectable flower and edibles the Southwest has to offer.

You’ll want to make your reservations quickly, though. Wilderness Bud and Breakfast only runs during the months of May through September.

Amanda Push


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