Strain of the Week: Aphrodisiac (Sensi)

by Patrick Dalton

What is it?

An aphrodisiac is anything you can take that stimulates sexual desire, and on this Valentine’s Day, Sensi is the strain of marijuana that definitely fits the definition. Her full name is Sensi Star and she’s a multiple Cannabis Cup-winning indica strain from Paradise Seeds. Her genetics have been kept secret, but if I had to guess, I’d say it’s at least 80 percent indica with just 10 to 20 percent sativa.

The effects

You’ll immediately feel a lightness to your head, which is different from most indica-dominant strains, followed by a floating sensation in your body. Sensi leaves you feeling clear-minded, but there are some mild psychoactive effects. Now for the good part. Taking one or two hits just before sex will leave women’s skin feeling sensitive and will definitely bring about climax much easier. A few hits for men will cause immediate blood flow where you need it, followed by an intense, explosive conclusion.

The smell

Hints of lemon, grapefruit and mint.

The look

Very thick and sticky buds covered with orange hairs.

The taste

It’s very smooth, but who cares? The effects are so good you’d smoke it even if it were awful.

The final verdict

It’s Valentine’s Day! Forget the flowers and chocolates, and get something you and your love will really enjoy. Just a few hits of this amazing strain will get you both in the mood, and keep you going all night. Don’t blame me when you’re too exhausted to go to work the next day.

Patrick Dalton, Durango Recroom


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