Strain review: Blue Dream

by Patrick Dalton

What is it?

Blue Dream is a 50/50 hybrid whose parents are a cross between Blueberry, which is a heavy indica, and Super Silver Haze, which is mostly sativa. The example I have has an extremely high THC content (coming in at just over 25 percent) and packs enough CBDs and terpenes to give it a great overall effect.

The effects

This strain is interesting to me because it gives you an almost immediate hazy-feeling head high as well as a very mind-relaxing, all-over body high. I really enjoyed the dreamy euphoria that sets in at about the 15-minute mark, and I like the fact that the high lasted several hours. Until now, I didn’t like the comedown from Blue Dream, but the local grower who supplied this pheno finished it beautifully, and it faded away comfortably.

The smell

It definitely has a sweet berry smell, but you’ll also notice a slight minty earth smell, too.

The look

Pale green buds with just enough red hairs and crystals to make it look like a jewel under good light.

The taste

Sweet with berries, and a bit of cream on the exhale

The final verdict

I finally get it, but it took the right Blue Dream grown properly to change my mind. I smoked this before meeting some friends, and really loved the energizing euphoric feeling it gave me. It’s a great all-around strain for just about everything. Because it’s such a clear-minded strain, it would be very good for medical conditions, but I just liked it for getting high and being with people. I’m glad I finally found a Blue Dream I can love.

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