Strain review: Bubba x Phishhead

by DGO Pufnstuf

Something great came out of smoking the flower that The Green House sent over for this week’s review. Somewhere between lighting up a bowl of Bubba x Phishhead and smoking said bowl came the phrase, “That’s how you know it’s good, when you get a little bit of a disease from it.” That phrase was followed by a cacophony of laughter. Let me explain.

So somewhere between the last issue of DGO and this one I discovered a long lost Grav Labs bubbler that had been tucked in an ice chest for the last year or so. I’m not sure how it got into the ice chest, but that is not the point. It surfaced now that the weather is finally getting tolerable enough to drag an ice chest outside – a couple weeks ago you didn’t even need one. You could just stick your dumb beer on the ground and it would stay frosty, my friends. We’d been planning to pack the ice chest with beer and, well, ice, so I popped it open and SURPRISE! There was my bubbler.

My very, very dirty bubbler. A bubbler so filthy that I was embarrassed to even be pulling it out of the ice chest with no one around. Not embarrassed enough, though, to pull it out IN FRONT OF PEOPLE after a couple of beers after happy hour at Steamworks and load it with a hefty amount of Bubba x Phishhead. I hadn’t bothered to clean it because I wasn’t planning on using it, but there I was, grinder and canister of Bubba x Phishhead in hand, hastily filling the bowl. I then, in my slightly inebriated state, offered it to my friends. They didn’t pass it up because who in their right mind passes up Green House’s weed, but they probably should have, given the state of that bubbler.

It made nary a difference, though, because somehow the flower we were testing out, which is a kush heavy indica hybrid, was badass enough to both entice them AND cover up any gross tasting residue left in the pipe. I am ashamed even now. Luckily, that phrase above broke the awkward silence, and shortly after that, we were too stoned to care.

You won’t be surprised by this, but Bubba x Phishhead, like all of Green House’s strains, is effing strong, and all it took was a couple of bowls to get three of us very high. VERY high. We became amused with freaking everything, including my filthy ass bubbler (which I still haven’t cleaned, by the way). We were especially amused by the incessant choking that happened every time someone took a hit, because again, this strain is no joke. It will kick your ass into next year.

It will kick your ass hard enough that you won’t care about smoking out of a bubbler that hasn’t been cleaned in over a year, even when you have plenty of other clean tools to use. You won’t care that you ingested 406 pieces of J. Bo’s pizza or that somehow three of you went through two extra large pizzas from that place, which serves the biggest gotdamn pizzas I’ve ever seen. You’ll be hungry, amused, and perfectly willing to smoke out of a (probably) disease-ridden bubbler. That is what Bubba x Phishhead will do to you.

In other words, it will do very good stuff to you and then you will pass out on the couch in a pizza, beer, and weed-induced coma until you wake up the next morning in a panic because you’re a.) still starving and b.) super late for a trip to a national park you never wanted to go on. This is by far one of the most giggly strains we’ve reviewed in a minute, and it will be one I replenish on the regular. If it was strong enough that it made my friends ignore that filthy pipe, well, that should tell you something.

DGO Pufnstuf


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