Strain review: Double Bubba

by DGO Pufnstuf

Have you ever smoked a strain that immediately rendered you useless, with your eyes cloudy and unfocused and your brain, well, equally cloudy and unfocused? Sure you have. So have we, and for us, that was Double Bubba, an indica heavy strain that smells like wet earth and sour candy. Needless to say, we loved it.

In fact, I’m still a little foggy brained this morning, which will probably not serve this review well, but it’s making me focus heavily on the clack-clack-clack of the keys as I pound my fists into the keyboard thanks to my Neanderthal-ish typing.

Anywho, back to Double Bubba. We procured this little batch from our friends at The Green House in Pagosa Springs, and did so without any forewarning as to what the effects would be. As soon as I got home I threw a full bowl into the pipe and lit it up, and was surprised to find that this strain tastes a whole lot sweeter than it smells. And, not five minutes after the bowl was cashed, I was stoned – very, very stoned, like with a capital S. It didn’t take much of the Double Bubba, a cross between Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Bubba Kush, to get me blazed-face. It was surprising to me that this stuff worked its magic as quickly as it did, considering that this strain isn’t known for its high THC content. The batch that we got had a range of somewhere between 10.5 to 23.9 percent THC, and between 0 and 14.5 percent CBD. If the flower we got is on the lower end of that range, well … the magic of weed?

It truly was magic, too. I remember smoking, I remember microwaving like 16 s’mores – at one point I ran out of Hershey’s chocolate so I broke apart a very old chocolate Easter bunny instead – and I remember sitting my ass down in front of “Family Guy.” The rest is super fuzzy.

I’d smoked with Blaze Ridcully, who wrote this week’s edible review, and they were equally as stoned. At one point I looked over and saw them manically wiping their glasses. Apparently there was a spec of dust – singular – that was making their vision blurry. Wipe away, friend.

Things get even blurrier (dumbass pun intended) from there. The new information I learned as it flashed across the TV screen was so puzzling to me, up to and including the fact that Corona, the Mexican beer company, is now marketing something called a “Corona Refresher,” which just sounds so unnecessary. Oh, and commercials became super freaking funny and my mouth became so dry that I couldn’t chug enough water to quench my dehydrated tongue. I don’t know what the hell Blaze was doing during the time I was occupied with commercials, but I’ll just assume they were still wiping their glasses clear of phantom dust particles. At some point I passed out, but I don’t know what point that was. I slept like a damn baby. I just went comatose and woke up this morning in a daze.

Listen. I don’t know how this strain got us so stoned, but it did. I highly recommend you grab some of this Double Bubba biz from The Green House if you want to watch your friends clean imaginary dust off their glasses or become a human puddle. Tis a fun and tasty one indeed.

DGO Pufnstuf


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