Strain review: Lamb’s Bread and Strawberry Cough PHO Wax

by DGO Pufnstuf

Holy concentrate heaven, Batman. Did we hit the wax motherload this week.

Want some Lamb’s Bread PHO wax? We got Lamb’s Bread PHO wax. Or how about some Strawberry Cough? Yep, we got that to.

Or rather, Chronic Therapy has got it, cause that’s where the motherload came from. They just happened to share the wealth with us for this review. Hail Marijuana Mary, full of grace. We are #blessed. (That was a joke. Sorry. I’ll refrain from using hashtags, even in jest.)

The folks from Chronic Therapy sent over four different concentrates for us to try, and we opted to split the reviews into two weeks, cause it just seemed impossible to give each strain its fair shake in one review. We only have so many words. So this week, we’re focusing on the Lamb’s Bread and Strawberry Cough PHO Wax.

But before we do that, let’s talk shop. While Chronic Therapy has some higher-end products, most of this dispensary’s wax and shatter are mega affordable. They offer wax and shatter priced at both $15 and $20, which is a hell of a steal. Their live badder, resin, and crystals cost between $30 and $50, and they’ll knock 25 percent off the price if you load up on four or more. ALSO. They have a thang called Wax Wednesday, which is where they offer bulk pricing on grams, so your wax can be as cheap as $11.25. Ballin’ on a budget is ALWAYS all right with us.

So, now we know Chronic Therapy’s concentrates are affordable, especially if you are a couponing fiend. But the real question is, are they GOOD?

Uh, yes. The answer is yes.

Let’s start with Lamb’s Bread. I was pretty surprised to learn that Chronic Therapy keeps this strain on hand, because it’s not the easiest to find. It’s a sativa with Jamaican origins, and it’s known to really help elevate the mood and make the most cynical ass (me!) dig up some positivity. This strain is universally loved, and rumor has it that even Bob Marley (RIP to the greatest stoner ever) liked himself some of this sticky stuff. After smoking some, I believe it. Marley had to have been a fan. I sure am.

Not only did this bright yellow wax smell like skunky heaven, it also tasted fantastic, too. It contains 68 percent THC, so although I smoked just a small amount, I was immediately high as a mf’er. I felt GOOD, you guys. Very good. I wasn’t super chatty, but I was very mesmerized with the screen on my phone, which looked to me like it was very three-dimensional, and I could not look away. The ratio of the depth between the words and the background was too amusing to me. When I finally tore myself away, it was to eat like 16 packs of gummies and a huge bag of Cheetos. The muchies and the introspective head high are real with this one.

I followed up the Lamb’s Bread with another sativa, Strawberry Cough, the following night, and it became real clear, real quick as to why this second strain has cough in its name. Try and smoke this berry-scented goodness and NOT choke like a newbie. You can’t. Or, I couldn’t, anyway. I was gasping for air after the first hit.

But, you know, sometimes you gotta give a little to get a little, and if the price for feeling as good as I did is to cough out one of my lungs, I’m down. I don’t need two of them. One will suffice. I was all grins, Cheshire Cat-style, until I passed out a few hours later. Dis stuff good, friends.

I’m stretching the limits of my space with this review, so I’m just going to wrap this up by saying that for the price and for the quality, you cannot go wrong with Chronic Therapy’s PHO wax. I loved both strains, although Lamb’s Bread made me feel all Marley af, and I’m pretty confident you will, too. So just dig some change out them pockets and grab some. You won’t regret it.

DGO Pufnstuf


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