Strain review: LucidMood vapes from Prohibition Durango

by DGO Pufnstuf

You know a product is good when a ton of different people – some of whom rarely smoke; others who are regular imbibers; some who have shied away from cannabis because of panic attacks – all like it, even with their unique, individualized preferences.

That was the case with the LucidMood vape pens, which are disposable vape pens filled with a mix of THC distillate, CBD and CBG isolate, and superior sourced terpenes. The concentrates in these pens aren’t cut with filler oils, including Vitamin E acetate, so you don’t have to worry about any of that gnarly junk causing health issues. These pens come in a variety of different THC to CBD rations and are meant to produce “designer highs” – LucidMood’s words, not mine.

Got all that? Good. So, LucidMoods offers five different varieties of pens, all of which have “L” names: Luscious, Luminous, Loving, Lively, and Lullaby. Not gonna lie to you – I seriously hate the names – but that’s OK, because I love. these. pens. I just don’t like buying them because saying you want a Luscious pen is a little horrifying. Anyway.

As I said, it doesn’t matter if I like the names because these pens are badass. I first encountered them when my sister was visiting for Snowdown – we bought the Luscious and Loving pens that time – and that was when we realized how well these pens work for all types of smokers. My sister had been a frequent smoker in her early 20s but stopped at some point because she would have panic attacks after smoking, which is not uncommon with a lot of people (especially if they’re buying whatever clandestine weed they can get in a state with no legal market). I had to peer pressure her into trying these vapes, and surprise! She didn’t have a panic attack. She had a giggly, easy to handle high and we all sat around laughing at dumb shit for a couple hours after imbibing.

It was a good experience – not only because the LucidMoods vapes didn’t cause anxiety, but also because they tasted so freaking good. The Luscious vape tasted herbal, clean, and a bit like a fancy incense. Whatever it was, it tasted nothing like weed, which was perfect for her noob ass. That vape became our go-to during her trip, which is saying something, considering that I have an entire shelf full of flower and concentrates.

And given the fact that this vape was the only thing she’d imbibe on, you will not be surprised to hear that she loaded up on them before heading back to the prohibition state where she lived.

So, for all of those reasons, I was stoked when Prohibition asked me to review one of the vapes for this issue. I figured I’d switch it up this time and try out the Lively version, since we’d already tried out the other two.

Each pen has a different ration of CBD and THC, along with some other unique properties, and Lively, a 2:1 THC to CBD ratio, uses terpenes like Limonene and Valencene to help wake you up and lift your mood. As with the other LucidMoods vapes, the Lively version tasted delicious – like a flowery, somewhat citrusy cloud of vapor rather than weed. If you’re averse to the taste of flower, you will LOVE these things.

And you’ll also love the effects. I was a little worried that this particular version would cause some anxiety because it’s meant to wake you up, but I had none of that biz after I used it. I was awake, raring to go, and not hungry in the slightest.

Too bad I used it at like 10 pm, because all of those qualities are awesome during the day. At night? Eh, not awesome unless you’re on deadline or something. And, I was not. So I found myself awake, weirdly chill, and yet still motivated until about midnight, when I finally gave in and imbibed on some sleepy indica flower to knock me out.

I’m super impressed with these handy little vapes, friends. They are so convenient, they taste great, they don’t smell bad, and so far they’ve worked exactly as described on the package. If I could rename them, they’d be perfect. But until someone puts me in charge of that, I’ll just suck it up and order the damn Luscious vape. No shame when a product is this good.

DGO Pufnstuf


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