Strain review: Palm leaf blunts

by DGO Pufnstuf

There are always ways to fit in a Drake reference, and I will use those opportunities any time I can get them (see headline above). This week, we’re reviewing – you guessed it, thanks to that Champagne Papi lyric! – blunts.

But not just any blunts, you guys. Palm leaf blunts from Prohibition Herb, which are – you guessed it again! – blunts made by rolling herb into palm leaves. They’re pretty badass for a number of reasons. Unlike your typical Philly blunt, palm leaf blunts don’t contain any tobacco because they aren’t rolled in tobacco leaves, and they aren’t flavored like some cigarillos can be. (Blech.) The palm leaf burns more slowly than a normal joint, and the ones we got from Prohibition also contain a corn husk filter, which we really freaking loved. We’ll get to that, though.

Prohibition’s palm leaf blunts are filled with a rotating menu of strains, and the one we got our hot little hands on was filled with Billy D, a hybrid sativa strain we reviewed (and lurved) back in June. There are 2.5 frigging grams of herb packed into that fancy green palm leaf, which means that these bad boys are meant for sharing.

Which is precisely what I did. I didn’t think it would be wise for me to try and conquer this bad boy by my lonesome, so I recruited a friend to join in. Twas a good idea indeed. No one person should go at 2.5 grams alone.

We lit up the blunt on a Saturday evening in the pitch black of my unlit porch, and as expected, the palm leaf and well-ground bud easily took to the flame. We could see the end of the blunt glow as we inhaled, but it honestly took a while to believe that we were inhaling any smoke, because the corn husk filter, which is there to keep the resin from gunking up at the end of the blunt, was SUCH a good filter that it kept any harshness out of our mouths and lungs.

That is not what I expected of a blunt of this size. What I expected was to severely dislike completing this review, because, well, I…am not going to lie to you. The last time I smoked a blunt, I choked nonstop and was so high I was convinced that I was once in the Army. That thing reeked havoc on the lungs, the brain, and my version of reality. And the last time I smoked Billy D, it made me cough like a jackass.

This time, though, the smoke from the blunt was so smooth that we were genuinely surprised when we flipped on the porch light to see that yes, we had been inhaling and exhaling the smoke from it, and quite a bit at that. It just didn’t taste or feel like it. So, thanks, corn husk filter! We owe you one.

And, as expected, I really liked the effects from Billy D the second time around, too. We smoked about half the blunt before putting it out – I know my limits these days; no weird Army stories for me – and as soon as I walked inside, I started manically cleaning the kitchen. The sativa is strong with this one. I also had a slight body high once I sat down – nothing overwhelming, mind you – but my hands did feel pretty freaking high once I stopped using them to wipe the counters down. I also made a note that said, “I swear I can feel the blood pumping through my veins.” That is obviously not true, but I’m sure I believed it at the moment.

I also got the munchies like a sumbitch. It was that stereotypical case of stoner munchies, too: we warmed up a pizza, ate several granola bars, and finished off what was left of a pan of Rice Krispies treats. Life was good.

I really liked these palm leaf blunts, in case you haven’t gathered that by now. The slow burn of the leaf and that killer filter, and the fact that it was filled with Billy D, made these so handy and next level for me. I would definitely grab one or seven if I was having friends over for a smoky circle of trust or a dinner party. It would make the food taste better, the conversation flow easier, and make it a hell of a lot more appealing to clean the kitchen afterwards. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with ANY of that.

DGO Pufnstuf


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