Strain review: Skywalker 600

by DGO Pufnstuf

Friends … Skywalker 600 is your father. Or daddy, I guess we should say, because this strain of cannabis is going to own your ass like Darth owned Luke, but in a good way.

What the hell am I talking about, you ask? Well, let me tell you. You know how Prohibition Herb has been rolling out their sweet new premium strain line? Well, they’ve rolled out yet another strain, Skywalker 600, and it’s a doozie.

A bit of the science-y biz on Skywalker 600: This here strain is an indica-leaning hybrid that hails from a Skywalker OG cut and is testing at 25.99 percent THC. As with the rest of Prohibition’s premium line, it comes in a sweet glass jar so you can stare at your pretty nugs without disturbing them. <3

And you’ll want to stare at these nugs, cause they’re pretty little beasts. The buds we picked up were chunky and compact, and as I quickly found out, also sticky as hell. There’s no point in trying to shred this one by hand. I tried it out of complete laziness and had to grab a grinder because the sticky icky bits were sticking to my hand and not cooperating with hopping into the bowl as I’d requested. A good sign of some quality bud, for sure, but also a mess. (I’ll never learn this lesson.)

The mess is worth it, though, because Skywalker 600 is some killer weed. After I’d managed to un-stick my fingers from it, I tossed it into the bowl of the dry herb vape and powered that sucker up. First thing I noticed was how spicy and sweet this strain tastes; it’s a bit like smoking delicious herbs and fresh pine needles. That sounds gross, I know, but it’s actually delicious. I dug it. It actually reminded me of some badass clandestine weed I regularly bought in a prohibition state I lived in that shall not be named. I have no idea whether that bud was actually a relative of Skywalker 600 or Skywalker OG, but I’d be willing to bet my stash on it. They taste eerily similar.

The effects of Skywalker OG kicked in basically right after I set the vape down, and holy balls, Batman. This strain is no joke. When it says indica hybrid, it means it. My face started to tingle and my brain went slightly foggy, and I was elevated to a stoney place that is usually tough for me to get to. I felt effing fantastic.

I tend to shy away from indicas in part because I can’t really stand the numb-yet-overly-sensitive feeling that trickles down through my appendages with those heavy indica strains, but the body high from Skywalker 600 was delightful and not aggravating. I sunk into it like I was sinking into a good memory foam mattress: slowly, heavily, and let it embrace me in a warm, foggy hug.

As delightful as the effects of Skywalker 600 are, though, I wouldn’t suggest you smoke it when you have f@!k all to do, because you will end up a human puddle. As I laid there stoned, I kept thinking I was having a conversation out loud, but would realize after a bunch of dialogue that it was all in my head. I also kept tripping out (in the most delightful way) because the door hinges of my closet looked like a weird white skeleton hand was running down the door frame. It sounds insane and probably was, but it didn’t freak me out. Go figure.

Once again, Prohibition has nailed another badass premium strain. This is one I’ll keep stashed away and only break out with friends I really like … and by that I mean I’ll be smoking it all alone, thanks. This isn’t one I’m willing to share.

DGO Pufnstuf


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