Strain review: Space Ghost

by DGO Pufnstuf

It was snowing like hell in Pagosa Springs last Wednesday. It was snowing so hard, in fact, that the roads were packed with snow and ice, and I drove right into a ditch trying to get to the pot shop to pick up this week’s review product. Yes, I have all-wheel drive. Yes, I still drove into a ditch. No, I was not hauling ass. It was a slow descent into the ditch, so nothing was damaged other than my pride.

It was a lesson in humility, sitting there two blocks from Pagosa Therapeutics in a car that was leaning sideways while stuck halfway into the road. And, to add insult to injury, the weather caused a delay with the tow truck, because apparently I’m not the only one who shouldn’t have been driving in the middle of a snow storm. It took over an hour for my knight in shining tow truck to arrive, and by the time he did, someone else had slid off the road right next to me. He managed to trench the ditch trying to (unsuccessfully) get out.

But, as damaged as my pride was, it was worth the trip to snow road hell because I got to pick up some Space Ghost flower, a strain that wasn’t even on Pagosa’s shelves yet. Feel free to be green with envy.

If you haven’t heard of Space Ghost, here’s the deal: this indica contains a freaking ass ton of THC – we’re talking 25.5 percent in the batch we got from Pagosa – and it. is. badass. I packed a bowl right after I walked in the door to my house to soothe my bruised ego, and it was the very best choice I could have made. The strain doesn’t smell great – Space Ghost reeks like cheese and feet – but it tastes just fine, and (as with all of Pagosa’s strains) man, does it kick in quickly.

You ever smoked a strain that immediately turns your mouth to mush? Yeah, that’s Space Ghost (which I sincerely hope was named after Space Ghost Coast to Coast). It couldn’t have been more than five or six minutes after finishing the bowl that I was rendered incapacitated in a VERY GOOD way. My mouth wouldn’t cooperate and I was highly amused with everything around me.

I was apparently also amusing to everyone around me, as I kept trying to form words and all that came out was nonsense. I did manage to get it together after a while, but my thoughts were about the equivalent of my mush-mouth. I was asking all sorts of random questions, as I was apparently puzzled and amazed by the universe.

I also ate a metric ton of snacks, so … munchers beware. You WILL be looking for the chips … and the Cinnabon mini cinnamon rolls they’re now hawking at Pizza Hut. I don’t know why they have to ruin my diet in the best way, but anyway … I digress.

Back to Space Ghost. It was worth a trip to Pagosa, and even worth the hour and a half stuck in the ditch. Still, if you’re heading out there to get some of this strain – and I highly suggest you do – be sure to take that turn onto Bastille slowly, lest a trip down into that hole delay your trip to the pot shop. Unlike Space Ghost, nobody needs that in their lives.

DGO Pufnstuf


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