Strain review: Strawberry Blonde is proof that blondes have more fun

by DGO Pufnstuf

Out of all the strains we’ve reviewed, Strawberry Blonde may be the oddest strain to date when it comes to look and taste. Not that odd is a bad thing, mind you. It’s just… different.

One of the first things I noticed about these buds was that the hairs on were clearly a bright strawberry blonde color, with just a hint of red under the bright yellow threads. Perhaps that’s part of why the name “Strawberry Blonde” was chosen. Who knows. The second thing that I noticed what that the initial taste of this strain is a bit reminiscent of berries, which, as you likely, know isn’t terribly common. Most weed tastes like weed, not fruit. The strain doesn’t necessarily taste like a strawberry, mind you, but there are berry flavors in there for sure. And – this is where it gets weird – there was a bit of a fiery mint flavor thrown in the mix for good measure. It’s pleasant, and the warm mint aftertaste is a nice surprise, but that extra layer will catch you off guard after about the third hit.

It makes a bit of sense that this strain would look and taste the way it does when you look at its cannabis lineage, though. Strawberry Blonde is a mix of Strawberry Milk x Icarus, both of which are hybrids themselves. Icarus is an indica-leaning hybrid known for a mellow high despite its high THC content, with large dense buds and a wood flavor. Strawberry Milk, on the other hand, is where that fruity flavor comes in. That strain is like a fruit-laden mind-tranquilizer; it will render you relaxed and carefree while causing you to laugh like a hyena.

Which is precisely what happened with its offspring, Strawberry Blonde. In case you didn’t catch it in the last review, I’ve recently been on a binge-fest of “The Office” (the American version), which is convenient because it’s apparently the very best show to watch while stoned on Strawberry Blonde. Dwight, who is already fascinating while stone-cold sober, becomes a damn gem. There’s just something so amusing about him after a few hits of this strain. Laughing to yourself becomes increasingly less awkward as the high sets in. Oh, the faces that he makes!


And, for the record, that high doesn’t take long at ALL to set in, so you’ll be happily laughing at Dwight’s attempts to get Jim Halpert fired in about, oh, 12 seconds or so after you smoke. When I pulled up my notes this morning, the first one is, “Goddamn it, that hit me all at once.” And it did. I was sober, sober, sober, sober, and then suddenly stoned, which was great. I prefer that to creepers any day. There’s no chance of over-smoking (yes, I know that’s not a real term) if you know right where you’re at from the jump.

In case you’re unable to decode what I’m saying, this strain is pretty great. It has a unique, pleasant taste, the head high of a sativa, and the body high of an indica, but not too much of either/or. It was a balanced, high-spirits high, one that could work at just about any point of the day, AND it made Dwight from “The Office” funnier than he normally is. I would call that a win any day.

The only downside was that I quickly found myself robotically shoveling plain M&Ms into my mouth while staring at the screen. Don’t get me wrong. I love plain M&Ms – they’re the second-best M&M outside of the peanut version – but I must have found that to be important, because I made a little note to myself that said, “Robotically eating M&Ms and they’re so delicious.” Perhaps my stoned self wanted to share with you the wonders of plain M&Ms as the perfect munchie snack. Or perhaps past-self wanted to warn you of the copious amounts of candy you’ll shovel into your mouth with this strain. I guess it’s all relative as to whether you like M&Ms and delicious junk food. <<shrugs>>

M&Ms aside, you should know that this strain will probably give you a ripe case of the munchies, so it would be wise to make sure you have the very best snacks sitting around just in case.

But if that’s the worst it’ll do to ya, just roll with it. This strain is proof that Strawberry Blondes have more fun, and it’s definitely worth the extra calories to be mellow, stoned, and awake, all at once. All hail the blondes.

DGO Pufnstuf


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