Strain review: Super Sour Lemon from Prohibition Herb

by DGO Pufnstuf

Very few tastes and smells evoke the feeling of summer for me quite like citrus. There’s just something so clean — so crisp and sunny — about the scent of a lemon or an orange.

I’m not sure where that feeling comes from. Perhaps it was the fact that I grew up in south Texas, where I spent my childhood playing among the bees and the blossoms of my grandparents’ grapefruit and orange trees, or the fact that I equate summer with sitting on a patio with a Corona and lime in hand. Whatever it is, I love that smell and the warm feelings it brings to my soul.

That love of summer and citrus now extends to the Super Sour Lemon strain from Prohibition Herb, which is the strain we’re reviewing this week. This strain, if you aren’t familiar, is a hybrid created by California Sour with Lemon OG.

Despite its lineage, I wasn’t expecting to taste and smell the citrus in this strain — most strains just smell like weed to me. Let me tell you friends, it’s there. It’s there in spades. And I LOVE it.

I first noticed the heavy smell of lemon when I popped the lid off the container. Rather than smelling skunky or like diesel fuel, I noticed a hint of bright yellow lemon instead.

Where that lemon really stood out, though, was in the taste. I caught freaking COVID earlier this year and it has been RIP to my taste buds ever since. I lost both my sense of smell and my sense of taste with the virus, and I can really only taste salty or sour things these days (which is really frustrating and a topic for another day). So, the fact that I could detect lemon from this strain was a bit, well, shocking.

But, despite the weird ability to suddenly smell lemons, I really wasn’t banking on being able to taste lemon. My taste buds got hit just as hard as my nose, and I have struggled to be able to taste any food since. Most things taste like a mound of play-doh, which is nice with super skunky weed, but sucks when you’re eating a steak.

However, it’s my job to do these things, so I threw the Super Sour Lemon buds in the dry herb vape and crossed my fingers. One puff and HOLY CRAP. I COULD TASTE LEMON. Like, really, really taste it. It definitely wasn’t in my head. Every hit I took was more lemon-flavored than the last, and at one point, I swear, I could even taste some mint. (That part may have been in my head, though.)

I ended up smoking two bowls of this beautiful strain back-to-back, probably out of sheer delight that I could taste something other than frigging salt.

And the outcome? Well, the outcome was glorious, too. I felt like I was floating on Cloud 9, my mood elevated and my outlook a hell of a lot better than it has been the last few months.

Both the high and that elevated mood lasted for a hot minute, too. I wasn’t even frustrated by the fact that my house is oddly devoid of delicious junk food right now. I went to the kitchen, dug around for non-existent chips, and returned to the couch with an apple in just as good of a mood as before.

And that chipper feeling lasted through a binge of the new season of Last Chance U — it shouldn’t have, cause this season is BORING, but it did. I guess I was just really into hearing about football plays and some random coach’s relationship with his wife.

The only real anomaly in my notes, aside from the fact that I can now taste lemon but only in weed, is the fact that I was tripped out by the sheer idea of football. I guess I got into my head a little bit, where I was totally tripped out by the idea that football is basically like the coach playing chess with humans. Set the pieces up, attack, and then hope to get in the chess version of the end zone (whatever the hell that is). Everything else was just me making notes about how happy I was.

Here’s the bottom line. I haven’t been able to taste ANYTHING for so long that this strain could have made me hallucinate killer clowns and I would have loved it. But I love it even more now that it didn’t. It put me in a great mood and made my post-COVID ass taste lemons for the first time in forever.

I wasn’t sure if I’d ever get to taste delicious fruit again, and now I can with Super Sour Lemon. So, if I could wed this strain, I would. It is my one true love.

DGO Pufnstuf


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