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Let’s talk blunt and staying blunted. Pretty women, what’s up… (All right. We’ll stop with the Drake lyrics.) This week, we have two singles who work in, you guessed it: the weed industry. These two smokin’ (literally) hot singles are unabashedly all about the cannabis, and you should be unabashedly all about them, because both cannabis, and our singles, are dope af. If you find yourself high on their profiles, reach out at [email protected] and tell us about yourself. Maybe you and our single can see who can roll a blunt faster, or smoke more, or…something else weed-related. Friendly competition is the perfect aphrodisiac.

Ben Peters

Age: 25

Sign: Capricorn

Occupation: Director of sales and marketing for Durango Cannabis Company

What’s your favorite strain? It’s extremely nostalgic for me. It’s called Lava Berry Kush. It was something (my colleagues) grew five years ago and it is just the stickiest weed I’ve ever smoked in my entire life. …You can’t find it. …It will be ever fleeting from us. So I think part of is I can’t have it.

So you like what you can’t have?I love what I can’t have.

What do you like about working in the cannabis industry? One of the things I take most pride in is – I come from Wisconsin, and it’s incredible for me to pursue a career that I once thought would have landed me in jail, but now I get to be very open about it and be very proud about it, have influence, and help direct this industry in the proper direction.

What do you look for in a person?Someone who is independent. I definitely like sassy women. I can be a very dominant personality, so having somebody who can put me in my place is very attractive but also very hard to come by… I really like outdoorsy ladies, someone who can go without a shower for a few days because we are out in the backcountry doing something badass. A girl who can roll a blunt in the middle of a crowd of a music festival or at a concert – that’s a badass bitch.


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