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Jessica Kirwan

Age: 46

Sign: Libra

Occupation: Senior Sales Executive at Ballantine Communications

Why are you still single?Wow. Great question. I don’t know why. I love myself; I don’t know why everybody else does not. Apparently, I just haven’t found the right person.

What kind of qualities do you look for in a guy?You need to be rich enough to have somebody fix your shit or you have to be handy enough to fix the shit. It’s best if you are both. Be somebody who can pay for great vacations or be that person who can build a great deck, and we vacation on the deck. That’s totally fine. You can’t be broke and not know how to work the hands.

Any other qualities?I am open to meet new guys; the 28-50 range is kind of my target demo. I am looking for someone who is college-educated. I would have to say someone who works at least 40 hours a week or has their money work for them. Somebody who allows me to have my girl time is very important … someone who does not want to compete with me. Although I am competitive, I see some of my friends in relationships with, “Well, you went out with your friends this night, so I’m going to go out with my friends this night.” I don’t like the, “I’m going to one-up you” in a negative way.

What’s something that people don’t know about you?I’m an awesome cook. I feel I have a really good handle on work-life balance. I have lived on each coast and in the Midwest. I was a single mom when my daughter was born, so I raised her alone. Now she is 19 and I pay for her to go to CU.

What does your weekend look like?I spend my weekends at Lake Navajo with my friends. We all have campers. We make dinners and when somebody has a boat, we go out on the boat. We play board games, walk the dogs and watch the sunset every night after playing cornhole. Those are my weekends right now, and I enjoy them.


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