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We’ve all seen a bartender at some point in our lives that we had the eyes for – even before putting on the beer goggles. There are some good lookin’ shakers and stirrers out there working hard for their tips. This week, we bring you two barkeeps who do actually do have legs. We thought they may have just been floating, magical torsos. The mystery is solved. Anyway, these four-limbed singles both have that outgoing personality you would expect from someone who works in hospitality. Get to know them a bit, and if you like them, hit us up at [email protected] and tell us about yourself. We’ll be sure to pass the message along.

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Becky Joosten

Age: 41

Sign: Gemini

Occupation: Bartender at Guido’s

What’s your poison?Whiskey. I’m a whiskey girl. Neat. No ice. Ice is what kills you. It’s not the alcohol. It’s the ice.

What is your favorite drink to make for people? Our limoncello martini and, honestly, it’s because I get to shake the (shaker). I just feel so in control of everything when I’m shaking. The cocktail is so simple that you can really screw it up. (I like) the challenge. Especially when you’re a woman, you can be all sexy just shakin’ it.

Why are you still single? I think it’s because I intimidate people. I look a lot younger than I am, so the older people are afraid to say anything or come up to me, and the younger guys, I’m just so honest and kind of out there. If they’re being a douche, I’m going to tell them they’re being a douche. So it’s intimidation because they don’t know how old I am.

It’s good to speak your mind. It is. Honesty is the best policy. I’ve walked out on a couple dates because – I haven’t walked out. That sounds terrible – but I’ve said this isn’t getting anywhere. Let’s cut our losses. Why would I sit there for two hours when this guy is really not my type – or a douche.

What do you look for in a guy?He’s got to have a really good sense of humor. Not overly though, because some guys just think things are funny, and they’re really not funny, but that nice little medium (sense) of humor. And financially stable. And just no beards. Beards are my no-go zone. They are my non-negotiable, and that’s one thing that is really, really hard to find in Durango, too. I just took out 99 percent of the population. But dress nice, no sweat pants, baggy clothes, backwards hats. Act your age. A 20-year-old would do that, and if you’re 40, I don’t want to see you riding a skateboard either, because I’ve seen that. It’s like, no, no, no…no.

What do you like to cook?I am a meat and potatoes girl, and I love to barbecue. I am crazy wicked good on a barbecue, so probably barbecue and steaks. Homemade potatoes, maybe mashed potatoes or something like that.

Is there something you want people to know about you?I am more of a girly-girl than I seem. I have a sailor’s mouth like crazy, but I guess working in bar, that’s what you’re supposed to have, but I am a girly-girl. I don’t consider myself high-maintenance at all. The way I look and dress and dress up, a lot of people think I’m high-maintenance and I am not at all. When you raise three boys, there is no way you can be high-maintenance.


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