Terrible ICP ink no more: Bad tattoo contest update

by Amanda Push

Back in November, we here at DGO Mag decided to offer up the opportunity for a few poor souls to right the wrongs of the terrible tattoos that were once inked into their skin.

We worked with Black Mountain Tattoo in Cortez to snag one winner a free cover-up and Durango Dermatology to get another winner a free consultation and three free laser removal sessions.

We called for submissions, and, boy, there are a lot of baaaaad tattoos out there. We really wanted to be able to help out everyone. Truly, we did. Unfortunately, we could only pick those two winners.

Fortunately, one of those very deserving winners was Beau Duran. A while back, Beau had gotten an ICP tattoo on his arm in a friend’s garage. Because the tattooer wasn’t using clean equipment, however, Beau ended up with a terrible infection. Beau has since learned the error of his ways, though, and was actually in the midst of saving up for a badass cover-up when DGO named him the winner of the bad tattoo contest.

A few days ago, we were able to swing by Black Mountain Tattoo in Cortez and watch Robert Smith, the owner, give Beau one helluvah cover-up.

Now, instead of an outline of ICP’s hatchet man, Beau can show off a beautiful piece of art that Robert designed to cover his old tattoo. It’s badass, and we’re super psyched we were able to hook Beau up with the help of Black Mountain.

If we’ve learned anything from this it’s that tattoos are permanent, and you can easily end up with the incorrect spelling, some squiggly lines, or a fish that looks like genitalia, but if you find the right artist, you can sure make it seem like that bad ink didn’t exist in the first place.

Amanda Push


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