This is a brewery — it speaks for the trees: CO brewery and grower saving the planet by growing weed

by Amanda Push

What’s the best way to save the planet? By growing weed and making beer, of course! OK, OK. That’s selfishly oversimplifying it a bit, but, according to Westword, one Denver brewery and a grower are working together to do just that.

Confused? Let’s get into it. Denver Beer Co. and The Clinic, a company with dispensaries in the Denver area and a grow, are partnering together to recycle carbon dioxide emissions produced by the brewery and using it to help grow weed at The Clinic. Further pollution is prevented and the grow is able to sustainably maintain their cannabis crop.

The program was first announced by the Colorado departments of Public Health and Environment and Energy back in January, and since it was launched the companies have saved the equivalent of 93 trees through their work. Captain Planet would be proud.

Earthly Labs, a public benefit corporation, is using technology to capture CO2 emissions produced from Denver Beer’s beer production process. Once Earthly Labs purifies the carbon dioxide, they hand it off to The Clinic to be used for their greenery growing.

“We are excited to expand our partnership with Denver Beer Co., advancing sustainability and climate science for our industry while making better bud,” Zach Engel, operations director for The Clinic, said in a statement to Westword.

It turns out, however, that cannabis takes a minute to grow (it can take anywhere from eight weeks to seven months) so The Clinic hasn’t been able to study up on the results until recently. Growers found that the marijuana plants grown with the recycled CO2 were just as healthy as plants that were grown without. Greener weed – amirite?

In commemoration, The Clinic released a new strain called Hoppy Trees that was, you guessed it, grown with the recycled carbon emissions. So, in a way, it’s like you’re drinking a beer AND smoking a joint at the same time.

“We believe climate change is real,” Charlie Berger, Denver Beer co-founder, told Westword. “With the support of The Clinic, we want to do our part to innovate and inspire, providing a platform for others to follow.”

Amanda Push


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