Trailer Park Boys launch Trailer Park Bud strain for the Canadian masses

by Cory Garcia

As marijuana reform continues across the United States and Canada, it’s no surprise that celebrities are getting into the weed game. What is surprising is that how many are dragging their feet. You’d think in the year 2018 people would stop worrying so much about their public image and get into the weed game; people smoke, many of them legally, from sea to shining sea, and no one thinks you’re cool because you’re drug free unless your work is primarily seen and heard on Christian TV and radio.

The obvious names are already in the game – Snoop, Wiz, Willie, Tommy Chong – but there’s a whole world of folks and brands who should have already be on dispensary shelves. Here are a few that I thought of while typing this sentence: “That ’70s Show,” Rihanna, Kevin Smith, literally every stoner rock band in existence.

Of course, I’m only talking about this because of the news that your favorite cult comedy trio – no, not Stella – are getting their own line of flower, pre-rolls, and blended products. Yes, “The Trailer Park Boys” are going legit and bringing Trailer Park Buds to the Canadian masses, allowing fans to smoke like Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles in the comfort of their own home, whether it’s one with a foundation or just the trailer they like best. It’s news that’s certainly going to make future rewatch of the show more entertaining. This is all through a partnership with Organigram.

Will these products make their way to this side of the border? Well, let’s not go getting too far ahead of ourselves just yet. It’s still going to be a bit before the products are even available in Canada, as the country is still working to figure out just how their own cannabis industry is going to work. The current projections have things being all settled over the summer, for those of you working on your rest of the year travel plans.

But once all the regulations are worked out, this sounds like a nice bonus for any trips to the Great White North. Until then, load up Netflix and dream about what might be. Say what you want about “The Trailer Park Boys,” but you have to admit that their cannabis sounds more exciting than The Tragically Hip’s cannabis.

Cory Garcia


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