Ultra Music Festival has been dubbed the Fyre Fest of 2019

by Amanda Push

The fiery garbage dumpster of a good time (provided you were watching from the safety of your couch) that was Fyre Festival was a mere two years ago, and it seems nothing was learned from that lesson. At least, not in Florida.

Ultra Music Festival attendees this past weekend were understandably pissed when, after day one of the festivities, they found themselves stranded on Virginia Key, and island off of Miami.

The screwed-over festival goers took to Twitter wondering if they were reliving the events of the 2017 failed Fyre Festival after roughly 50,000 of them found themselves stranded after Friday night’s events ended and they had to walk across the Rickenbacker Causeway at 2 a.m., a roughly 3-4 mile trek, to get back to Miami. This was, keep in mind, after they’d waited for hours for shuttle buses to pick them up and take them back to the mainland.

Oh, also a tree caught on fire.

In case you don’t recall, Fyre Festival was an event promising attendees a luxurious island experience in the Bahamas. Instead, the thousands of attendees were left stranded with cheese sandwiches whilst sleeping in FEMA-like tents.

Festival organizers for Ultra offered an official apology via social media.

“Last night, many of you experienced challenging transportation conditions leaving the festival. This is unacceptable and inconsistent with the high standards you have come to expect from us. For this, we are sorry.”

The thousands of attendees who found themselves walking back to their hotels in the middle of the night because of the “challenging transportation conditions” were understandably not thrilled.

“Horrible! We have paid a lot for the tickets to wait 2 hours for a bus……,” one festival-goer commented on the Instagram post.

“It was worse before better. I almost got arrested for trying to cross the street to get my ride after 12 hours of work, ended up having to walk off the island took over an hour. Never coming back,” another attendee wrote on the post.

“Day 2 (Saturday) was no better, 3 hours on the bus and we still had to walk over a mile because traffic was crazy and bus didn’t move for 30+ minutes,” another wrote, ending their dissatisfaction with the hashtags #WontBeComingBack and #FyreFestival2.0.

In Ultra’s defense, at least there weren’t FEMA tents and the bands did show up.

Amanda Push


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