Vintage Durango: 1980s technology

by Patty Templeton

1989. Your mom was probably a Colorado valley girl who had big hair, listened Oingo Boingo on her cassette player, and if she was, like, totally sick, she had a bitchin’ complete transportable cellular telephone ’cause, like, everyone’s gotta gab when they’re motoring on Main Avenue. The high-techery could be used in your car or, like, if you put the portable adapter in your backpack, you could so freaking walk around and phone-talk at the SAME TIME!

Maybe she and her crew had a righteous, epic heavy VHS Video Camcorder that they used to film their downtown summer strolls. Maybe that’s where she met your second mom, who was listening to her recently-released cassette of “Energy” by OpIvy on her state-of-the-art stereo headphones.

Translation: A cassette came before laser discs before CDs before MP3s before streaming your music online. VHS tapes came before DVDs which came before Blu-ray which came before watching everything via streaming. Also, headphones used to be huge and mondo ugly. Also also, the pounds and pounds of $2,000-plus tech in this ad is all now in or attached to your smart phone.

Patty TempletonDGO Staff Writer


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