Welcome to DGO. We think it’s cool and are sure you will, too

by David Holub

So, what is DGO?

Some people think it’s the name of our airport. But no, our airport code is DRO, in case you weren’t sure. DGO belongs to Durango, Mexico, which apparently got airplanes before we did. On Urban Dictionary, DGO stands for “Dude got owned.” Sorry about that, dude.

But around these parts, anyone who’s lived here for more than five minutes knows that DGO is how many of us refer to this awesome city in shorthand. Not in any way official, but to one another, in texts and such.

And now, DGO means something else entirely. It’s this brand new badass little magazine you’re holding in your hands with an equally badass a website to match (check it: dgomag.com).

In the broadest sense, DGO is about entertainment, lifestyle and nightlife: Music, visual and performing arts, restaurants and food, beer and marijuana culture. Basically, it’s how we enjoy spending our free time when not fastening ourselves to outdoor gear.

Bet let’s bore down further. DGO wants to know what the cool kids are up to, the artists and avant garde who are pushing the boundaries, the people around here doing and thinking about things like no one else. We want to create and cultivate a magazine that matches the energy and surprise of Durango and its surrounding areas. We want to explore Durango’s edgy side, to find the grit and the glam, the sparks and the superstars. And we want to do it with style and irreverence, a strong point of view, all with a bit of attitude, and perhaps some sass and snark when the time is right.

We’ll have our ears to the ground, eavesdropping your off-the-wall conversations at Steamworks, or grabbing you on the sidewalk because we can’t help but want to snap a couple pictures and ask few questions because your outfit that day is oh so unique and stylish.

We want to span the spectrum between high brow and high bro, where you might see something about Durango’s vibrant theater scene, and then turn the page to find a ranking of the best water pipes available at our host of local dispensaries. On one page you might get a Q&A with a local freestyle rapper or rodeo clown, and on the next is Dan Savage’s love and sex advice column, where – trust – your eyes and mouth might be left agape.

And if we offend you in the process – check that: when we offend you – well, we’ll just go ahead and apologize right now. Sorry about that. But really, how lame would life be if everything was comfortable and agreeable? Cookie cutters work great on dough but they usually make for boring living … and boring magazines.

We’ll do all this on a weekly basis, and judging by the fact that you did not pay for this, you may have guessed it’s free (It’s a free weekly, yes. But we like to call it a freekly because we, like you, try to get rather freekly as often as possible).

Ultimately we’re a handful of hardworking people who care about this place, trying to do something different here, looking at the things we’ve all seen but in a new way, exploring subject matter no one else wants to touch, saying what needs to be said that no one else will say. We feel like there’s a void that needs filling, that there are sides of this town and this area that need attention when it comes to arts and nightlife and culture. And we plan to have one hell of a seriously good time doing it.

Join us, won’t you? We think you’ll dig it hard.


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