Inside the brain and life of David Holub

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What makes Christmas great? The utterly bizarre traditions

While bushwhacking through the thorny scrub that is the War on Christmas – you know,...

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What I learned after drinking a lot of beer in Ireland

Here, I reflect on my recent beer tour of Ireland and Northern Ireland, in which I tasted an...

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Girlfriend, boyfriend, partner? Labeling a mate can be tricky

At a party over Thanksgiving weekend, Stephanie introduced me to someone as her...

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I love craft beer, but sometimes only a macro beer will do

More than any drink I know, beer is the most fascinating: All the different styles, from light...

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The lovable, delicious burger reflects so much about America

When I meet someone new, I have a batch of ice-breaker questions I like to trot out: When was...

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Trump presidency stands as the challenge of our lifetime

With so much swirling in my head, with an inability to come to terms with or to make sense of...

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Fascinating and unnerving, doppelgängers cast a spell

You may have seen the pictures of longtime Cubs fan Bill Murray joyfully celebrating his...

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My election obsession has left me weary, ready to move on

I am exhausted and I want my life back.

Reading and thinking and talking about this...