Extra Life

Brett Masse explores gaming lifestyle and culture

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When playing video games becomes my act of resistance

The news is troubling. When you sit and listen to the radio, a romantic piece of equipment...

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No loud, fast-paced action? “Dear Esther” is perfect in its quietness

We are obsessed with doing things. With gettin’ it done. Our culture is so permeated...

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Role playing games challenge philosophies of identity

There are innumerable layers of you, of who you are and what makes you unique from others. The...

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Welcome to the beautiful, surreal world of LAN parties

The sun was setting, casting linear shadows on the floor of the conference room. The failing...

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I knew everything and nothing about my zombie-fighting pal

From the moment it was released, I spent a lot of time playing “Left4Dead.” I...

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Confused and falling in love while playing ‘Grand Theft Auto’

Are you in love? If your answer is yes, can you tell me how you know? Can you describe the...

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Hiding from her family, she found herself spear raised, slaying demons

I first got a glimpse of how video games were creating a new platform of culture, community,...