First Draughts

Robert Wendeborne’s take on craft beer industry and issues

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Brewery disasters highlight the dangerous side of beer

One of my favorite songs to listen to in the brewery is “Swimming Pools,” by...

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Want to have your own brewery? Hang on for a wild ride.

Until very recently, I’ve never really wanted to own my own business, especially a...

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Bitter fruit: Winners and losers in the latest IPA craze

A beer I love to drink and love to make, is Ska’s Modus Mandarina, an IPA brewed with...

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#Drainpour, take 2: I admit, there are times to pour out beer

After writing about #drainpours, I started feeling a little bit like a hypocrite: I’ve...

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Session season has arrived. Here are some to start with

The first day of spring saw me scooting down the mountain without a shirt on and getting my...

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#drainpour: A douchey, ignorant trend that needs to stop now

Most of the confessions that I’ve made I can claim shamelessly. I rarely try to justify...

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With Uber in Durango, there’s really no excuse anymore

With Uber finally trickling down from the bigger cities to our little hamlet, I think about...

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Love sours? Here’s how they got that way

As I’ve said before, sour beers are a huge trend in the beer world right now, and...