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Robert Wendeborne’s take on craft beer industry and issues

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First Draughts: Craft beer trends for 2016

I may work in a brewery, and I may write a beer column, but I’m by no means an expert...

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First Draughts: When Big Beer wants authenticity, they have to buy it

In December, Four Peaks Brewing Co. in Tempe, Arizona, sold to AB-InBev. I’ve never had...

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First Draughts: Drink Like a Pro on Amateur Night..plus, hangover bingo

How to drink on a night when everyone thinks they’re Pancho Villa, Irish, a Zombie or a...

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First Draughts: The year in beer

This has been a crazy year for craft beer with acquisitions and rumors of acquisitions, craft...

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First Draughts: WTF is an IPA?

When I first started working at Ska Brewing, I was given a tour. Patrick Jose (now head brewer...

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First Draughts: The creation of beer

It’s easy to take our food and drink for granted. Take cheese, for example. Hardly...

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First Draughts: Do your bar crawl right with Durango’s best specialty shots

A couple weeks ago a friend got back in town after being gone for a few months. He missed my...

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First Draughts: This holiday wish list is, let’s be honest, mostly about booze

As much as I hate to admit it, it’s shopping season, and I think I’m pretty good...