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What to do when you encounter that unfamiliar beer

One thing that always scares me about ordering a beer of a style that’s unfamiliar:...

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Weed and craft beer go hand in hand. Here’s why

The most difficult part of moving away from Colorado has not been the weather (it’s...

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Blast off with these inspiring intergalactic beverages

It’s that time of year again, Durango’s week-long costume party, Snowdown. This...

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Books on beer are scant, but here are three to check out

I’m kinda biased, but I think the overall literature about beer is pretty boring. I...

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Here are the beers you should always have on hand

The more time I spend in the beer world, the more I end up with rare beer, beer that...

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Look for brewing-as-activism trend in 2017

Predicting what’s going to be big in craft beer is fun, though it does seem like it...

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Beer on social media? Follow these four

Most of the world’s social media accounts associated with businesses are just...

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Bubbly Breakdown: For those who take sparkling wine seriously

I’ll probably never forget my first New Year in Durango. It involved a wonderfully...