News and commentary on craft beer.

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Coffee beer is all the buzz

Many of my friends in Durango know that I love coffee. If I was not in a bar or a brewery I...

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Millennials aren’t killing beer. Beer is.

If you read as many online articles as I do, I’m almost certain that you’ve seen...

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Four spooky beers to bring to your Halloween extravaganza

It’s HALLOWEEN! Time for fun and time for screams, or in the very least, a throat-soak...

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My favorite moments from two years of ‘First Draughts’

In the next two weeks, DGO will celebrate two years of journalistic success and last month...

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How the cultural capital of beer makes my life worth living

One of the biggest perks of beer making and working in the beer industry is the fact that you...

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PHOTOS: Beer, bratwurst, and puppers at Oktoberfest

Beer steins clinked mightily at the base of golden-treed mountains at this year’s...

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Being an accountant isn’t so boring when it’s at Ska

I often will take subtle jabs at the non-production people in a brewery. They’re the...

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What finally changed my mind on pumpkin beers

My hatred for pumpkin flavored everything is long and storied. Don’t get me wrong: I...