Trends and trend-setters in Durango dining.

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Love it or hate it: Fast food

Love itIt’s been talked about before. I’m a...

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Where did happy hour come from anyway?

You there, leaning on the bar, how’s your happy hour going? Before you wobble-step...

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Get to know Irish whiskey

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, that feasting day for Ireland’s...

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Drunks, dine-and-dashers, and good conversation

If you ain’t got religion, you got Denny’s. Hear me out. Church, at its best, is...

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11 things not to do at Denny’s (or anywhere, really)

Being a diner waitress was great. You heard helltons of stories and made swell money. I worked...

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Beer and pizza are a natural pair. Here are Durango’s best

Chefs and brewers exploring the culinary side of beer has been a big trend the last few years....

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El Moro is back, and so is its creative spirit, cool historic vibe

Walking past El Moro last week, I couldn’t escape the buzz radiating from its...

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Raider Ridge Café: Fresh and from scratch

In a small corner space off the beaten path (College Plaza off Eighth Ave. next to W.J. Doyle...