Trends and trend-setters in Durango dining.

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7 of Durango’s most interesting burgers

For a small town, Durango has more than its fair share of yummy burgers. It would be...

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Five more Durango food-based companies that distribute far and wide

Rocky Mountain Chocolate FactoryIt started out as a tiny...

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Ore House chef on what Americans can learn from European food

Cliff Bornheim, chef at the Ore House, competed in the Iron Horse Chef Competition at the...

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“Yes”: A restaurant’s favorite word ... to a point

If your job involves customer service, the motto is, “The customer is always...

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Diners: Beacons of Americana

There is no dining spot more quintessentially American than a diner. Diners are greasy,...

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Restaurants: The job that worked for me during college

Working while being a full time student is a drag. It’s hard enough to try to balance...

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Ore House chef on local food tips and cheap cooking ideas

Cliff Bornheim is chef at The Ore House, Durango’s cozy Old West-style steakhouse. We...

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The virtual waiter will be taking care of you ... right?

Admit it, we have all been to an Olive Garden, Applebee’s or even Chili’s and...