A budtender suggested that we try a bag of Rebel Edibles Chocolate Caramel Chews, so we did

by Sir Blaze Ridcully

If you’re a longtime user of the marjuana, it can feel like way too much of a challenge to overcome the tolerance you’ve built up. As you probably know, the more often you use marijuana, the higher resistance you can build up against it, so the more you have to ingest.

Recently, I had to deal with this very problem when I had a few friends visit over the weekend. No matter what we smoked or ingested, we were having a difficult time hitting that sweet spot — you know, when you’re euphoric enough to still grasp what’s going on around you but sleepy enough to be cozy? However, since we’re all near-daily users of the greenery, we’ve built up a pretty hefty tolerance, sadly.

When we weren’t trying to get stoned on my couch, we did the normal Colorado activities of hiking, sightseeing, shopping, and perusing dispensaries. Toward the end of the day, we swung by one of my favorite dispensaries as I knew if anyone could solve our problem, the friendly budtenders here could. While at the dispensary, one such budtender suggested we try a bag of Rebel Edibles Chocolate Caramel Chews. These morsels come with 10 milligrams of THC per piece and lean toward providing sativa-like effects.

I won’t lie to you, this is not an edible I probably would have picked on my own. I’m not particularly a fan of chewy candies but I was willing to set my prejudice aside and give it a try. And boy was I glad I did.

The caramel and chocolate flavors swirled perfectly together in mushy chewy goodness that went down smooth. Basically, they’re effing delicious. They’re so sweet it cancels out the weed taste which I was completely fine with as I personally don’t like the weedy taste some edibles have. You’re welcome to me.
Turns out, these edibles are also SUPER potent, as in one minute you might find yourself laughing hysterically at something someone said and the next you’re standing over the fridge shoveling chocolate into your mouth. Not that I would know from personal experience…

Now, hear me out. Typically, when it comes to taking edibles, we’re all pretty much deadbeats drooling on the couch watching TV, right? Well, for whatever reason, that evening, we decided it was a good idea to clean my entire home top to bottom. Even as I write this sober, I still can’t quite believe this. Dishes, vacuuming, a floor scrub, and a kitchen cabinet overhaul.

Unfortunately, because our brains felt like they had been put through a blender, this process also took much too long as we got sidetracked multiple times from accomplishing the tasks we set out to do. Alas, weed. Eventually, however, we ran out of steam and resorted to watching “Alien” in my living room. Despite having seen it approximately a million times, because of this heightened energy and awareness these Rebel
Edibles gave me on top of a spike in adrenaline, it was like watching it for the first time all over again: terrified, anxious, and in awe.

In any case, if you’re looking for something sweet, delicious, and chewy that’ll get you so high you’ll start to think it’s weird that you have toes, I have a feeling you’ll enjoy Rebel Edibles Chocolate Caramel Chews. Just maybe abstain from cleaning your home.


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