A picture-perfect Purple Sunset

by DGO Pufnstuf

OK, so the sunset was not exactly picture perfect, but this strain was delightful AND strong!

Do not take a shower after you’ve smoked Purple Sunset. I repeat: Do not take a shower after smoking Purple Sunset.

Now, I’m not telling you to avoid showering. Let me make that clear. Each and every soul living in this town should shower after spending more than 30 seconds outside shoveling snow. There’s just so much of it that it’s impossible not to stink to high hell after.

What I am telling you, friends, is that if you smoke a bowl of the most purple-y purp on the planet, you should avoid being productive or attempting to function. Just give in.

But, we’ll get to that. Before we do, let’s set up this whole story, shall we?
So, we’re obviously going to be talking about Purple Sunset in this review.

I picked this strain up from The Green House in Durango, and to be honest with you, I didn’t ask any questions about it. I took what was handed to me and bounced like a true G. Or someone who was in a hurry because they put off this review until the last minute. Either or.

And, because I was in a hurry, I hauled ass back home and immediately popped open the canister that held my little Purple Sunset treasure.

My first thought? Holy balls, this strain is purple. I don’t know why the heck I was shocked to see that a strain named Purple Sunset was indeed purple, but for some reason, I was.

It’s always so cool to me to see a weed strain in a different color, and the bright purple fluff on this strain was epic. It was clear even in a dark room. When I took it to a room with some more natural light, the purple almost shined against the deep green backdrop of the buds.

I guess that makes sense, though, considering that this strain has genetics originating in part from Purple Punch, one of the most purple strains on the planet. So, it was bound to have some of those color traits.

What I was not surprised about, though, was how pungent this strain was. I think it’s supposed to smell spicy and kind of sweet, but my nose must be off because to me, it smelled like rain and grass and weed. Like, flat out weed.

That’s fine with me! I don’t mind the smell of weed. And again, because of my deadline, I opted to rip apart the largest purple bud in the container and stuff it into the bowl.

Keep in mind that this was like 6 p.m. on a Monday, so it was a really freaking odd time to be smoking a bowl of a strain with unknown effects. But, I yolo’d it and went for it.

That was maybe the wrong choice, you guys.
Not saying that this strain is a bad one — in fact, I’m saying the opposite. But if you’re going to smoke Purple Sunset, you don’t want to smoke it before you’ve done all of the other junk you need to do. You will not get it done.

So, it turns out that Purple Sunset is a heavy Indica-leaning hybrid, which means it’s great for helping to alleviate chronic pain, headaches, stress, and like a billion other things. And, what is it not good for? You guessed it. Productivity.

After I hit the pipe a couple of times, it was pretty clear I was in trouble. Nothing was going to get done. My brain instantly went into relaxation mode, with my thoughts lingering slowly in a soup of brain cells rather than racing around my skull at warp speed.

And, my body soon followed. I felt my muscles relax and my limbs try to go weak. I did everything I could to fight it, but alas, I was toast. Or putty. I don’t know which.
I knew if I was going to shower I was going to have to do it immediately after the bowl was cashed. Otherwise, it was never going to happen.

I knocked out the rest of the bowl and slithered my way to the shower, hell-bent on getting at least one of the things on my list done while stoned on Purple Sunset. It was a slow progression down the hall, but I achieved it eventually. Stoner level 1 unlocked, I guess.

I flipped on the shower, flopped my body in, and immediately realized that it was a bad move. I recently steamed my hand like broccoli (don’t ask) and the shower was NOT fun.

Between the heat of the shower and the heightened sensations from the weed, my hand was on fire. I attempted to turn the water temperature down, but it just kept getting hotter. Or it felt like it, anyway.

Well, come to realize that it WAS, in fact, getting hotter. In my haste and my brain fog, I thought I’d been turning the temperature of the water down. But, I’d apparently forgotten which way to turn the knob to cool it down, and was only increasing the temperature instead. Fun. Times.

I powered my way (very slowly) through the rest of the shower and then dragged my ass out, my hand burning and my body over life. I needed a nap.
And, that’s precisely what I did. Napped. And I napped real hard. Like, so freaking hard. Purple Sunset forced my hand on it.

Luckily, when I woke up, the burning had stopped and I felt mostly refreshed. I also felt like I was starving, so I hauled my less-stoned ass to the kitchen to fix the problem. At least my pace was less sloth-like at that point.

So, yeah. Do I like Purple Sunset? I do! It’s the coolest color and it’s a very solid strain if you want to unwind. Now, do I suggest you smoke it late afternoon? I do not. You should save it for those times when nothing is on your plate.

That said, I do suggest you smoke it. It’s a solid strain, one that would be great for knocking out whatever ails ya — provided you aren’t dumb and hop in the scalding shower with a blistered hand after you do it. As long as you keep that rule in mind, your experience with Purple Sunset should be pretty solid indeed.



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