Cirque du sexy-time

by Patty Templeton

Your doorbell rings. You open it to find an inebriated, jovial dude in nothing but an ivy crown. He’s surrounded by lusty goatmen and ecstatic, whirling women. Naked dude hands you a jug of wine and a party invite. You’ve just met Bacchus – Roman god of frenzies, festivals, and hooch. The Greeks called him Dionysius. He’s a protector of those who don’t fit into conventional society and he wants you at his rager.

Enter Imaginario Circus – that lovely bunch of freaks and weirdos, a collective of (mostly) Durango creatives who perform variety acts of the aerial, acrobatic, and cirque assortment. Founded by Hattie Miller and Steve Ward, Imaginario brings circus arts into modern day entertainment. In honor of amour, Imaginario has created a one-night-only Bacchanalia, i.e.: A wild revelry. Were you on the fence on how to spend your Valentine’s Day – perhaps you were leaning to Netflix and ramen? Banish the thought! Buy your tickets to Bacchanalia online or at the Animas Trading Co. You will receive a mass of marvels and proceeds will benefit iAmMusic’s youth services’ program.

What can you expect? Step right up! Enter bold souls! When you arrive at Imaginario’s Bacchanalia, you’ll be treated to divine desserts and a glass of complimentary champagne from a sexy server. As the bubbles fizz through you, you’ll be sensually stirred by the premier circus and burlesque acts of the Four Corners.

The Animas City Theatre will be transformed into a celebration of the sultry! A banquet of the bizarre! A shindig of the shocking! Durango, prepare your souls for a kaleidoscope of curiosities that will bewilder and titillate.

None can resist the artful bump-n-grind of Coco’s Hen House Burlesque imported from Taos. Word around town is that there will be a tassel battle – the twirlin’, whirlin’, and twinklin’ will heat up that heart-o-yours. Flesh will bounce and cheeks will blush.

Let your eyes skim high. Aerial acts will astound. Performers, such as the mysterious and intensely flexible Andrea Thompson, will climb, roll, and waltz with bolts of fabric and rope. Bending, gyrating bodies will work the lyra – a hoop suspended from the heavens. You’ve seen tightrope walkers before, but have you seen the art of slacklining? Liz Thomas will highline till your heart thumps harder. The boundaries of balance as explored at great heights! Then, the limits of air and ability will be broken by a rapid leaping demonstration of parkour.

Need you more? Ben Dukeminier will mime your mind out. A contortionist will crook and hook the human form into seemingly impossible shapes. Vigorous swing dancing will keep you gasping for breath. Ashley Edwards and Jesse Ogle (of Hello, Dollface) will bust out in song. A parade of performers will arouse and entertain you. Then, when you are stuffed full of magic, sweets, and risqué thrills, DJ Posh Josh will turn the night into a dance party.

To quote e.e. cummings, “Damn everything but the circus.”

This is a 21+ event. Costumes encouraged!


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