Agent Orange

by Patrick Dalton

What is it?Agent Orange is a very nice hybrid created by Subcool and TGA Genetics that crosses their Jack the Ripper and Orange Velvet. The well-known breeder Subcool is famous for creating high terpene-profile strains, and this one is no exception. Even though it’s genetically close to 50/50, the example I have leans a bit sativa.

The effectsThis is definitely a connoisseur strain for those who enjoy the full experience. It doesn’t follow the ridiculously high THC trend, but still comes in at a very respectable 16.2 percent. What it does offer is a very focused and calming high that should be appreciated for its euphoria. Grown right here in Durango by Kinfolk Farms, this seemed to reflect the personality of Durango perfectly by giving the smoker a very pleasant experience.

The smellThis is where this strain shines. It smells exactly like a freshly peeled orange with just a hint of earthiness.

The lookLarge, bright-green buds with thick, neon-orange hairs.

The tasteVery smooth with a sweet citrus orange finish.

The final verdictIf you’re looking for a beautiful, daytime, relaxed high that mellows you out while keeping you focused, Agent Orange is for you. In a time of jaw-clenching extreme THC strains, this is a refreshingly easy strain to smoke. Besides the incredible taste, the high is perfect for just about any time of day. It would be amazing for anyone with social anxiety, depression or PTSD because it puts you at ease while elevating your mood. This strain really brings me back to the days when I started smoking marijuana and realized just how pleasurable it was.

— Patrick DaltonDurango Recroom


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