Marijuana strain review: Super Lemon Haze

by Meggie J

What is it?A two-time Cannabis Cup winner, Super Lemon Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid, running at about 80 percent sativa and 20 percent indica. Lineage is Lemon Skunk crossed with Super Silver Haze, which together create this powerfully euphoric lemon flavor strain with a THC content at 24.7 percent.

The effectsUplifting and happy, Super Lemon Haze is a fantastic strain for creative endeavors, stress relief, and to elevate the mind from the doldrums of life. It is quite a happy little high, not overly strong, but it does creep up a bit, so be prepared. The immediate onset is energetic with a slight up-tick in heart rate, followed by a feeling of euphoria wrapped up in a cup of lemonade.

The smellCan you say lemon? Fresh, ripe, sweet lemons. There is also a faint, yet palatable scent of powdered lemonade, sugary and sweet. Strong, yet subtle, you can almost taste the summertime as you sniff these little nuggets of joy.

The look Super Lemon Haze, like its parent Super Silver Haze, is covered in layers of tiny trichromes, creating a haze across its dark green buds wrapped in bright orange hairs.

The tasteHigh sweet notes reminiscent of powdered sugar drip down around a shy fresh lemon. It tastes like porch swings, blue summer skies, and fresh cold lemonade, made from real lemons squeezed in grandma’s kitchen. Light bright taste best achieved via vaporizer. Other forms of smoking resulted in a deeper citrus flavor without the sugar.

The final verdictMaybe it’s the sunshine, but this feels like special occasion weed. It is such a lovely, joyful high full of Limonene terpenes, which produce an uplifting mood. It raises the heart rate a bit, so those with anxiety or paranoia tendencies should not over-indulge. This is a get-outside-and-be-happy weed, a summertime, sit-with-friends-on-a-back-porch-and-pass-it-around kind of high.

Meggie J


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