Album review: Caspian’s “Dust and Disquiet”

by DGO Web Administrator

CASPIAN “Dust and Disquiet”

Triple Crown Records

Release: Sept. 25, 2015

Diving headfirst into the vast sea of subgenres, you’ll find Boston-based experimental-instrumental-post rock band Caspian. The band’s latest release “Dust and Disquiet” takes all of the limitations placed within those genre lines and blasts them out the window.

“Dust and Disquiet” is not only emotionally powerful, but each track seems to take the listener on an inward journey to places only instrumental music will allow. The groove in “Echo and Abyss” is irresistible. The entire album rides on the back of the mighty final and title track, which comes in at more than 11 minutes. As it ebbs and flows, the song is more like a composition, and transitions like movements in a classical masterpiece. “Dust and Discontent” reminds us why we as humans invest so much emotion into music — it moves us and makes us feel something.

— Raychel Johnson


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