Blue Dream is a bandaid for a bummer day

by DGO Punstuff

It’s time to try this thicc blue baby from the Green House Durango

“You need to calm down.”

If you hear that phrase often — and NOT because you’re friends with some-one who won’t stop singing Taylor Swift songs (if you do have friends like that, well, RIP to your sanity) — then you’re probably in need of some Blue Dream, a strain we’re reviewing this week for the Green House Durango.

You may be familiar with Blue Dream, as it’s one of the most sought after strains around, and stoners whisper of it from the mountaintops due to its killer effects, which are known to chill people riiiiight the eff out after a bowl or two and lift up their spirits. This strain sits on the GOAT throne among a few of other West Coast marijuana legends for a num-ber of reasons, not the least of which is related to the serene happiness it offers to those who imbibe on its blue nugs.

Given its popularity, you will not be surprised to hear that its hard as hell to find, but the Green House has it right now so you’re in luck.

We were also in luck, as we got to smoke it and bring this review to you, and let me tell you, it was not an underrated high. I picked up a gram of this thicc blue baby from the dispensary over the weekend, and I popped the lid off right away. Unsurprisingly, the nugs were blue-tinged (hence the name), chunky, and a bit frosty. It smelled like heaven, too, if heaven is made of slightly skunky blue-berries (fingers crossed), so I was stoked to light this one up.

One bowl in and all of my troubles, of which there were many because I always wait until the last minute to write, melted away. I am not even kidding, y’all. I could seriously almost feel the self-prescribed drama from waiting til deadline to do my work slide off my body. My face relaxed, my body relaxed, and a smile was plastered across my face shortly after.

And because I have no chill, I lit up a second bowl just for fun. It only com-pounded on that zen feeling, and I was quickly at the point where I didn’t care about deadlines. My brain felt like it had lightened by a thousand tons. I zoned out, relaxed, and plopped myself in front of the TV to turn off even further.

It was a good idea, not gonna lie, because that combination led me down a path to enlightenment. Well, not enlightenment, but refreshment, I guess. I’d been stressing the hell out about getting all of the things done that I’d put off, but Blue Dream let me turn my brain off enough that it recharged while I sat around and just let myself relax. Once I’d sobered up, I felt recharged and ready to write.

The nice part about it, though, was that while I didn’t feel like writing while I was stoned, I definitely could have. Blue Dream gave me a moderate high, one that felt functional, but I opted out of that part and let myself hang out and be lazy instead.

And that’s precisely what Blue Dream is … for me, anyway. Every time I smoke this strain it leads to a really chill but functional high, one that lets me opt into working or opt out — my call. It’s a great strain to pull out when work is pissing you off (not that I’m advocating for work-ing while stoned unless you sit in front of a computer and write, mind you) or life is just getting too heavy. Kinda like a band-aid for a shitty day.


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