Caitlin Cannon: “That’s the song I want my future husband to write about me.”

by DGO Web Administrator

“The Night Josh Tillman Came to Our Apartment,” Father John Misty

“It is my favorite song right now because I think he’s (Father John Misty) got this gift for really being absolutely conversational. It’s like a stream of consciousness, but the way he converts stream of consciousness into lyrics has such a sarcastic edge to it.”

“Cover Me Up,” Jason Isbell

“That’s the song I want my future husband to write about me. Like, if any man wrote that song for me, I would just be done. When you hear that song, it’s like that’s they way every woman wants her man to feel about her.”

“Nothing Can Change This Love,” Sam Cook

“This track is at the top of my make-out playlist. I really like that old R&B, soul stuff that he does. It’s really fun …”

“Beg For It,” Iggy Azalea

“My guilty pleasure is by far ‘Beg For It,” by Iggy Azalea … and googling the Twitter feud between Iggy and Azealia Banks.”

— Raychel Johnson


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