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Brett Masse explores gaming lifestyle and culture

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Extra Life: A farewell to DGO

The world is a fascinating and very strange place.

On a small level, it is even more...

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‘Night in the Woods’ offers a bittersweet message on life and death

Things regularly seem to fall apart. Or rather, our expectations frequently don’t seem...

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‘Roguelight’ taught me starting over is the best practice for moving forward

I have found myself at the beginning, again. An interesting thing, these...

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Crawlspace Studio’s ‘IMG_20180226_233555’ is a pixelated game full of wonder

What wakes you up at 3 in the morning? What do you notice first? The quiet dark, the warm...

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Missing arcade days of old, I found ‘Cuphead’

I remember hi-scores.

I remember the smell of pizza. Not like baking dough, tangy...

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In times of struggle, even behind the anonymity of a screen name, you are not alone

My earliest memories are filled with a sense of companionship. I remember a cold, glossy tile...

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How Ursula K. Le Guin showed me a new way to see video games and the world

Ursula K. Le Guin died this week. Perhaps you have heard of her or maybe some of her writings...

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Beautiful gaming nerds save the world sitting on a couch

The couch is a romantic piece of furniture.

Coming home, it’s the first thing I...