Stay off the naughty list with these sweet ass holiday gifts

by Enriquo Palazzo

From a snake-y joint ring holder to the best version of a Lazy Susan, these are the gifts your ganja-loving friends will be raving about this year

Enriquo Palazzo
We all have those friends whose lives seem to revolve around getting stoned (ahem, ahem; there’s no judgment on our parts, thank you very much). Or…you know. Maybe you’re that friend. Who cares! Getting stoned is awesome and we all kinda like it, right?


But the thing is that it’s the holiday season, and the reality is that you need to get a jump on your shopping. You know how quickly things can sneak up on you, and if you aren’t on top of it, you’ll be stressing out and trying to shop at the last minute, grabbing whatever you can find to fill the gaps in your shopping list.

And, you can’t really do that for your stoner friends and family. Not very well, anyway.

While we all love our gan-ja-loving cousins, besties, and aunties, what can be quite annoying is that everyday gifts from everyday stores just won’t work for these folks. Their eyes light up when they get a new pipe, and they tear up when they break their favorite bong. They talk to you like they are a chemist about different strains or explain edibles like they are pulling a side shift in the lab at Los Alamos.

You can’t get them a cheesy band T-shirt or an overpriced candle this year. Not if you want to be a good friend (or family member), anyway (or avoid the old naughty list, which no one wants to be on). So, if you really want to impress the weed-loving folks on your list, these are the gifts for them.

Snake in the Grass Joint Holder
Price: $55

Where to find it:

Maybe your girlfriend is fancy. Maybe she’s a little flashy. Or maybe she doesn’t want her fingers to smell like she has been smoking a joint. Well, well, friends. This joint holder is for her. Or him! Whatever.

And what’s even better is that it not only looks really cool, what with the snake wrapped around your finger and all, but it also works pretty great, too.


Blazy Susan Rolling Tray
Price: $79.99 to $149.99

Where to find it:

Ever heard of a Blazy Susan? Yeah, we hadn’t either until we stumbled across this little doozy. It’s like a Lazy Susan for the kitchen, but for pot-heads!

This thing is a great gift idea for that stoner in your life who constantly feels the need to be organized. In fact, the rolling trays were designed with great attention to customer feedback, which means that every little compartment in the Blazy Susan has a purpose — one that your overly organized friend will find some use for.

Sandwich Table Lighter
Price: $695

Where to find it:

Who doesn’t love sandwiches?

Nobody, that’s who. (Stop lying. You love sandwiches too!)
But what about a sandwich that will light your joint? Well, Edie Parker has you covered if you or your friend is in need of a sandwich table lighter. While this gift is a little on the pricey side, it seems like it would be just the thing to make your stoner friend’s jaw drop.

In other words, treat yo’self. And by that we mean treat your weed-lo-vin’ friends with this badass little lighter this holiday season.

Magical Butter Ma-chine MB2E Botanical Extractor
Price: $199.95

Where to find it:

We all have that one friend who is constantly talking about baking and cooking with THC butter. You know the one. They just can’t help themselves.

So why not get them a gift that’s fitting? One that many consider to be the most budget-friendly extractor on the market? You know, like the Mag-ical Butter Machine MB2E Botanical Extractor or whatever.

What’s great about this machine is that it’s pretty darn affordable (for a workhorse, anyway), but it still comes with everything you need to get the best extraction for cooking. Who wouldn’t love it? You’ll be the bestest friend around if you get them this thing!

And there’s another upside, too! If you give this as a gift this holiday season, your herbal cook of a friend will almost certainly be asking you to try things they made with it — which sounds like a pretty decent win.

The Art of Weed Butter: A Step by Step Guide to Be-coming a Cannabutter Master
Price: $14.95

Where to find it:
OK, listen. What good is that new Magical Butter Botanical Extractor if you don’t have some freaking excellent recipes to go with it? It’s no good, that’s what.

But there’s good news. This book will put your gifting buddy on the fast track to making some of the best infused dishes out there.

And, as a bonus, it also touches on the historical, political and social context of cannabis. And who couldn’t use a primer or a brush-up on all things weed?


Hide That Smell Odor Eliminator Candle
Price: $17.50+

Where to find it:

Know someone whose other half or roomies (or whatever) aren’t too keen on the smell of weed? Well, this candle may feel like a copout, but it’s actually the perfect gift for your friend whose housemate isn’t terribly thrilled with the house reeking of ganja, or for someone who is trying to hide doing something they aren’t supposed to be doing.

And, these soy-based handmade candles also come in three different sizes so you can pick and choose (plus they have great reviews that show they do exactly what they are supposed to).

Glass Banana Pipe
Price: $135

Where to find it: edieparkerflower. com/products/glass-fruit-pipe-in-ba-nana

It’s a banana, Michael! How much could it cost? $10?!!

OK, to be fair, this is a banana pipe, not a real banana — and we aren’t that good at role-playing our inner “Arrested Development” characters, but that’s beside the point.

This glass banana pipe is another cool offering from Edie Parker, and it’s perfect for the potassium-lover (and smoker) in your life.

Sure, you could say this is just anoth-er pipe, but it’s honestly just too cool to write it off that quickly. And if you’re searching for a fruit-themed gift but aren’t a banana fan, this pipe line offers more op-tions, including orange, grape, and cherry pipes.

Come to think of it, you might as well get the whole fruit basket while you’re at it.


Nuggy Lite 6-in-1 Smoking Accessories Multi-Tool
Price: $21.99
Where to find it:

Don’t think of this Nuggy Lite as just a multi-tool for smokers. It’s so much more than that.

From our perspective, this is straight up a Swiss Army knife, one that’s useful for all your smoking needs. It offers everything you need to prepare, enjoy, and clean up whatever form of canna-bis you want to imbibe in during your session.

We aren’t kidding, either. This thing features a wax scoop spoon, scraper paddle, clip, flashlight, splitter and a poker. Can’t beat the convenience — and the price is even better.

Ganjaland Board Game
Price: $29.99

Where to find it:

Board games seem to be one of the forgotten pastimes these days, at least when it comes to adults, but every once in a while it can be fun to dig one out — and chances are you’ll have a blast doing so.

And, if you give your friends the gift of Ganjaland, which is an adult version of Candyland — but from ANOTHER UNIVERSE — you’ll be gifting them the best time ever. And that’s especially true if you set up a regular game night to play it with them.

This and a fat bowl of weed are all you need. So order it now and see who’s crowned The Royal Highness of Ganjaland.

Goldleaf Cannabis Logbook
Price: From $17.99 to $24.99+

Where to find it:

There are some people who just love to write or journal when they are high, and Goldleaf has created the perfect journal for those purposes. In fact, Goldleaf offers all kinds of different journals, all with different goals in mind.

These science-based journals can be used for tracking cannabis use, to take notes on different strains, or to help organize cannabis grow operations. In other words, they’re the perfect gift for your nerdy stoner friend.

Shine 24k Gold Rolling Papers
Price: $11 per pack

Where to find it: shinerollingpapers. com/products/shine-1-sheet-pack-king-size

Have that one friend who’s always wanted to smoke like a fancy bish? Well, you may want to snag them these rolling papers, fool!

These 24k gold rolling papers are the perfect gift for that someone who is always a little too extra. (You defi-nitely know who you are.) Plus, Shine offers these in 24k gold blunt wraps AND rolling papers, so you have your pick of gifts for that blingy pal of yours. They love goooooold, baby!

And while these rolling papers may seem like a novelty, they actually smoke noticeably smoother than tradi-tional papers, burn better and stay lit longer. So it’s not just for show, really. We mean, it is…but it isn’t. It’s fine. Just get them.

Waffleye Waffle Maker
Price: On sale for $39.99; regular price is $54.20 (get it??)

Where to find it:

Who loves waffles? Um, every can-nabis smoker ever.

This Waffleye Waffle Maker pairs perfectly with the Magical Butter Botanical Extractor — and you can use it to make weed leaf waffles, just like mom used to make!

And what could be better than infused waffles stamped with weed leaves when they’re smothered in your own THC-infused homemade butter?

But there’s more! You don’t have to limit it to waffles! This creative weed kitchen appliance allows everyone to eat weed-themed grilled cheese, home fries, and desserts.

Skunk Smell Proof Backpack
Price: $89

Where to find it:
Have a buddy who’s always smelling a little danky? Oh, good. Well, we have the perfect gift for them.

If you want to help a buddy out, the Skunk Smell Proof Backpack is a great gift option for that friend who’s always walking around smelling like a one-man dispensary. It has an anti-smell interior, a combo lock, and protective netting that keeps all your belongings safe.

Higher Etiquette: A Guide to the World of Cannabis, From Dis-pensaries to Parties
Price: $18.59

Where to find it:

Need a catch-all gift for your classy stoner friend? Well, “Higher Etiquette: A Guide to the World of Cannabis, From Dispensaries to Parties” is an excellent choice.

This book schools you on the do’s and don’ts of the different social situa-tions you may find yourself navigating while neck-deep in the cannabis world.

It’s a great gift option for someone who might be new to the cannabis world — or maybe even an old pro who wants to brush up on their cannabis education.

GRAV Milk Carton Bub-bler
Price: $91.99

Where to find it:

You know that old friend from high school that you used to sneak off with to get high? Yeah, they want this GRAV Milk Carton Bubbler.

This bubbler is designed to look like a milk carton, and it will take you right back to the days of being blazed in the school cafeteria. And, it comes in clear, cobalt, smoke, amber, pink and lake green, so you can buy one color for your friend and another color for yourself. (Might we suggest lake green? It’s so rad!)
And that’s it! From there, you just have wrap this sucker up (gently now) and fork it over. Your oldest stoner buddy will thank you.



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