First Draughts

Robert Wendeborne’s take on craft beer industry and issues

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Trust me: Beer bill would be a disaster

Dear Colorado,

I wasn’t born here, I’m not a native, but, like a lot of...

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Got the beer doldrums? Try some of these ... if you can find them

Some activities are destined for monotony: if you do that one thing, over and over again, for...

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Learn from my mistakes and day drink like a pro

The time for day drinking has finally arrived here in Durango, and there are many, many...

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Brewery disasters highlight the dangerous side of beer

One of my favorite songs to listen to in the brewery is “Swimming Pools,” by...

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Want to have your own brewery? Hang on for a wild ride.

Until very recently, I’ve never really wanted to own my own business, especially a...

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Bitter fruit: Winners and losers in the latest IPA craze

A beer I love to drink and love to make, is Ska’s Modus Mandarina, an IPA brewed with...

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#Drainpour, take 2: I admit, there are times to pour out beer

After writing about #drainpours, I started feeling a little bit like a hypocrite: I’ve...