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A 25-year-old boss? Are you kidding me?

Adapted from a recent online discussion:

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What to do about the friend horning in on coupled dudes?

My girlfriend recently mentioned, in a very respectful...

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How to refresh after this terrible of terriblest years?

This has been a rotten year. My dad got laid off from...

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What to say when I won’t eat their ‘unhealthy’ foods?

I’m going on vacation soon with my in-laws,...

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Are his AA-mends just a narcissistic imposition?

My first love emailed me out of the blue, after 10 years,...

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My fiancé is the greatest person ever ... except he’s racist

I am engaged to a great guy with many wonderful qualities...

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Should I go down the long-distance relationship road again?

I’m contemplating a long-distance relationship...

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My friend group went on vacation ... and left me behind

There is a group of women with whom I’ve taken...