Love it or Hate it

One topic. Two writers. One loves; one hates.

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Love itThe text capture here sums up a recent Sunday of mine,...

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Love it or hate it: Tobacco

Love ItFor a moment, put down your chicken-fried steak and...

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Love It or Hate It: Toxic waste

Love ItThank ye, gods of industry, for toxic waste. Without...

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Love it or hate it: The sun

Love itOne of my very first memories was this: I’m...

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Love it or hate it: Vegetarianism

Love itI’ve been a vegetarian for over 10 years. At...

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Love it hate it: New Year’s resolutions

Love ItIn his “Works and Days,” Ralph Waldo...

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Love it or hate it: Christmas music

Love ItSnow flutters outside. Light glitters on the tree. Hot...

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Love it or Hate it: Real Christmas Trees

Love ItI know the downsides of having a real Christmas tree....