Style fetish

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Looking for Snowdown inspiration from the 80s?

It seemed a totally awesome idea to highlight some of Sideshow’s vintage collection in...

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Style Fetish: David Bowie’s genius

In this week’s Style Fetish, let us look no further than David Bowie for inspiration in...

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Style Fetish: ’80s fashion, Part I

For the next few weeks in anticipation of Snowdown’s 1980s theme, Style Fetish will...

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Style Fetish: Fashion faux pas, the man edition

This week, some grooming, fashion and style faux pas commonly made by men. Yes,...

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Style Fetish: Fashion faux-pas, with Heather from Sideshow

Avert your gaze! This week we discuss a few common unsightly oversights and fashion faux pas...

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Style Fetish: Dressin’ fancy, with Heather from Sideshow

This week, I encourage us all to look extra fabulous at that holiday party (or anywhere,...

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Style Fetish: What to do about fur?

Fur. Fur can be a problem.

Weighty questions and subtle hypocrisies slide across...

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Style Fetish: In praise of Carhartt gold

Let this first column be in praise of pants, specifically and adoringly, Carhartt or Dickies...