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Nothing says hustler quite like a gig working with cars. Not that hustler is a bad thing, mind you. E’rybody needs a little hustle in their lives to keep them on their toes and keep things moving – in this case, literally moving via four wheels, an axle, and a bunch of other car parts. In case you haven’t figured it out, this week, we’re featuring two singles whose work lives revolve around automobiles. Vroom, vroom. If you find yourself hitting the gas over their profiles, reach out at [email protected] and tell us about yourself. Or, shoot us an email to be featured as a single. Either way, reach out and touch us via the interwebs. We’re here for you.

Stephanie Vilchis

Age: 32

Sign: Leo

Occupation: I’m a manager at Enterprise.

What is your poison?When I am taking it easy, but I know I have things to do tomorrow, I’ll stick with IPAs. But if I know it is going to be a long night and I don’t have any plans tomorrow, it’s tequila all night.

What qualities do you look for in a guy?First, they have to have adult qualities as far as a job, stability in that sense. But other than that, they have to be funny, easygoing, and for me, where I am in my life, they have to be at my disposal. I work a lot, so I am always late, so they have to understand that, in other words. So, whenever I’m ready, I’m ready, and they have to be ready when I’m ready. Some people get upset if I’m late, and that causes me stress.

What do you enjoy doing?I exercise. I work a lot, but the free time I have, I take care of myself. So I like to balance my spare time between exercise and fun and my dogs in between. I run and I go to the gym and I do Crossfit. For fun, I’m open-minded. So like floating the river, just hanging out, going for a hike. Whenever I’m not at work, I just like to go with the flow sort of thing. I’m barely starting to make a group of friends here.

How long have you lived here?I relocated from El Paso, Texas. I grew up there. I have lived here six months. I moved here in December. Not very long, so I’m getting all my seasons in. I got a promotion and I had never been here. I got the opportunity and looked up pictures. I already liked skiing, so that was a big thing. It’s been nothing but positive things. Not a single complaint.

Tell us something about yourself that no one really knows?It’s hard to say something that no one knows about you. Oh, not a lot of people think I am from Mexico. It’s a constant thing at the airport. “Where are you from?” Mexico. “Mexico?” Yes.

We would have never known that about you because you have strawberry blonde hair.My grandmother had red hair. I’m the only red head in my generation.


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