Concentrate review: Lazercat Live Rosin Lava

by DGO Pufnstuf

If it was Rocky Mountain High’s intention to give us a product that would knock us into outer space on our first review, they succeeded. Big time.

This is the first time we’re writing a review for good ol’ Rocky Mountain High, and they were kind enough to send over some Lazercat Premium Live Rosin Lava, a concentrate that looks like the color of fresh butter and smells like a field of devil’s lettuce. It is a beautiful product.

It’s also a very strong product, because it contains like, 70 percent THC, so smoke too much of it and you’re a mess. Smoke a little and you’ll end up walking back and forth to the fridge like 18 times in a row because you keep forgetting what you were looking for. I experienced the latter, which was great fun and I truly enjoyed it.

And so did my dad, who had never tried any Lazercat, or any concentrate, really, other than the handful of disposable vapes I’ve thrown his way from time to time when my mom isn’t looking. This time he got lucky, though, because he happened to be in town the day I picked up this lava from Rocky Mountain, and I was in a sharing mood. We popped open the concentrate container and marveled at the shiny, perfect surface of the lava. This stuff is pretty, you guys.

It’s also very sophisticated, which is why it warrants a $75 price tag. It isn’t just your typical extract. Lazercat creates this stuff by “using 90 micron and larger live heads from their Crystal Water Hash,” which is then heated to promote THC crystal growth. Because of the way this lava is pressed, it doesn’t need to be refrigerated like a lot of the other concentrates. You can use it in dab pens, you can vape it, or you can use a dab rig … the options are endless. There are no lingering solvents, and it won’t clog your vape pens, which you probably know can be an issue with wax or other concentrates.

All that meant nothing to El Padre, though. My dad had no idea how to get this stuff from point a to point b, so I had to show him how to do it. It was nice to see the process from an outsider point of view – it’s usually my face that’s buried in the concentrate container – especially since we were just using the dab tip of a pen and dipping it into the jar. It was cool to watch the pretty wisps of white vapor float up from it as the end of the pen touched the lava.

Watching was only half the fun, though. It was way better when my dad finally handed over the jar after a few hefty hits and I got to check out the goods. I made sure to note how smooth this lava tasted, and it was just a smooth, clean hit. I only took a few before it was evident that I was stoned. My mouth became as dry as Spongebob was when he visited Sandy Cheeks in her fishbowl, my hands went numb, and I was in another universe.

So was my dad, who kept trying to communicate with my mom and failing miserably. I was greatly amused by the show. I, on the other hand, felt higher than I ever do with concentrates, and my notes make reference to it time and again. I also made sure to note that my thumbs were super numb, but only in the creases. This Lazercat Lava is not for the faint of heart.

I then went back and forth to the fridge, looking for god knows what before finding a piece of cheesecake my sober self had stashed away for my stoned self. It was such a win. And, at some point I either passed out or got so high that I stopped taking notes, but I can’t remember which. Either is possible.

So, yeah. Rocky Mountain High certainly did pull out all the stops for this review, and for that my dad and I thank them. That lava is something else. Guess I’ll have to start adding it to that stash I pass along to El Padre behind my mom’s back. He’s definitely a fan of this one.

DGO Pufnstuf


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