Strain Review: San Fernando Valley OG

by DGO Pufnstuf

Seems like we’re on an indica kick these days, you guys. But to be honest, if all indicas are like San Fernando Valley OG, the subject of today’s strain review, you can just keep ‘em coming.

Known as SFV OG, San Fernando Valley OG is an interesting strain. It’s a member of the OG Kush family, and hails from – you guessed it – San Fernando Valley in California. The smell of this strain isn’t super heavy – it’s a bit like smelling damp, sour, lemon-y earth – and neither are the effects. Twas a good ride indeed. Here’s what happened.

As is par for the course these days, I grabbed the SFV OG on a Monday night and lit up a small-ish bowl. And by small I mean very large. (Don’t judge me. It’s already been a long month.) The buds are small, dense, and super green, with tiny red hairs throughout. Given its overall unassuming nature, I was surprised at how bitter the smoke from the tiny buds was. I suppose I just wasn’t expecting such a harsh hit after the relatively pleasant smell of the strain, but there it was. A mouth full of bitterness.

Worry not, though, friends. The taste of SFV OG wasn’t overwhelming or super unpleasant. It’s just noticeable pretty quickly in, especially when you’re comparing it to some of the other strains we’ve reviewed recently.

The effects, though, are anything but bitter. Unlike some of the other indicas and indica-heavy hybrid strains, San Fernando Valley OG doesn’t leave you with a heavy couch-lock feeling. Even if you smoke a massive bowl. Or two massive bowls. Or… you get the idea.

My arms worked, my legs worked, and even my brain worked. It wasn’t super easy to creep on social media – my attention span is regularly that of a gnat, but it is especially after this strain – but I didn’t feel super out of it or useless. In fact, in a weird way, I felt awake. I’d started out this review process while super dragging ass – again, it’s been a long month – but by the time the bowl was cashed, I was high, but in a very calm, aware manner. I had half-expected to be sleepy and done with life after that bowl, but I wasn’t. I was just… well… chill.

The high from SFV OG stayed chill the entire time, too. It vacillated from a head high to a body high, rocking back and forth in calm waves, but at no point did it feel harsh or overwhelming. Things were good. Life was good. This month… still sucked, but not as much.

This strain would be perfect for a daytime indica buzz, especially on a stressful or overwhelming day. You won’t be hyper-alert and focused a’la some sativas, but you won’t be glued to your seat, either.

I’m pretty sure this would be a solid strain to help with the ol’ anxiety issues. I ended up feeling like I was a cloud – shit wasn’t heavy, and I didn’t have a care in the world. Well, other than the fact that I’d exhausted my cookie stash. That was a worry when the munchies kicked in, but if you make sure your snack supply is replenished before you light up, you should be right solid.

DGO Pufnstuf


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