Strain review: Great White Shark

by DGO Pufnstuf

You ever do something that makes you feel a bit like Lil Wayne? If the answer to that question is no, you should really consider a road trip to Pagosa Springs.

Why, you ask? Well, do we have an answer for you. Until last week, we were relatively unfamiliar with the dispensary scene in Pagosa. After all, we have a thriving cannabis community in Durango, and Pagosa Springs, while badass, isn’t exactly the closest place to snag some weed. Things changed, though, when we got a call from Good Earth Meds, a recreational dispensary in Pagosa Springs. The owner, Bill Delany, suggested that we try out one of their strains – a foreboding cannabis strain called Great White Shark – while hanging out in the hot springs, those natural hot water pools Pagosa is known for.

How on Good Earth could we pass that up?

Needless to say, we didn’t. We took Bill up on his offer – try out Great White Shark while being all fancy and mineralish in the hot springs, and then let us know what you think – and after a short jaunt over to Pagosa (about an hour away), we quickly found ourselves relishing in the warmth of the hot springs while high as a damn kite.

Turns out there isn’t much that’s as relaxing or rap-star-ish as sitting in a hot tub of mineral water post-session while looking out at the river in the middle of Pagosa Springs. Sure, it’s not quite at “official” Lil Wayne status unless you add in a couple bottles of champagne, some diamonds, and 2Chainz, but our stoned excursion to Pagosa Springs still made us feel like we were living that good, good life.

Perhaps that was in part because of Great White Shark, though. Rap life aside, that is an interesting strain. Also known as the Peacemaker, Great White Shark is a hybrid known for a wicked, fast-acting body high. Good Earth grows only in organic soil, and the GWS buds are this awesome crystalline white. The color differentiation is evident when held up against other strains.

And the scent emitted from this strain? Well, holy shit. You can’t NOT smell it. The scent is all skunk, and is very, very strong. Given the unique qualities of this strain, you will probably not be surprised that while this batch of Good Earth Meds’ Great White buds tested at 26 percent THC, according to Bill, other batches have tested as high as 32 percent. In other words, this strain is no freakin’ joke. It will get you high as uh, that quote from “Friday.”

That “high as a scene from ‘Friday’” was okay in this situation, though. We purposely made the trip to Pagosa for this little experiment on a weekend, when there wasn’t the looming pressure of deadlines or phone calls to distract us. Not to mention, we knew the stories surrounding Great White Shark and weren’t sold we could hack it during a work day.

As soon as we immersed ourselves in the boiling lava-water of the hot springs, those stories proved true. Our bodies, already riding the wave of a serious body high, just melted into the water, and with it, any thoughts of work or real life were washed away. If you haven’t gotten high and gone to the hot springs, please do. Your entire body will thank you.

If you have any desire to spend a day while stoned at the hot springs, we seriously recommend doing so with a side of Great White Shark. That’s just as good as it gets.

DGO Pufnstuf


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