Durango street style: Classic pieces that last forever

by Patty Templeton

You haven’t seen a smile until you’ve seen the elegantly curled lips of Faith Harmon. It’s the sort of resplendent expression the Greeks used to write poetry about or go to war over. Harmon is a multimedia sales rep and a fashion and lifestyle blogger at Faces with Faith.

DGO chatted with Harmon about her flashy but classic style – and how the heck she gets her eyebrows so freakin’ perfect.

“I’m a little bit between preppy and classic. I try to focus on having four to six pieces of clothing that might be a little bit more expensive but that can last me for a long while that I mix with my T.J. Maxx/Target looks … A good pair of jeans will get you everywhere. I have a couple pairs of jeans that people might cringe if they knew the price, but I’ve had them for three years and they look new.

I’m all about grays and whites. I think it’s because I read that when you go somewhere, most people wear black, so if you want to stand out, wear a different color. I try really hard to not have black in my closet for dresses or statement pieces. I probably have way too many (hats). Hats can play up an outfit and take it to another level. You look at yourself and ask, ‘What’s missing?’ and then add a hat. If you don’t want to do your hair that day, it’s great. Everyone’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, you look so cute,’ and you didn’t even wash your hair. (Laughs)

I love bags. I’ve been obsessed with Louis Vuitton since – not kidding – seventh grade. I think it’s because my mom and grandma both had one. When I graduated high school, I took all my graduation money and drove to Dallas – I’m from Norman, Oklahoma – and bought my first Louis bag when I was 18 … Some people, they have new technology. Every time a new gadget comes out, they spend all of this money on it. Technology is their passion. Meanwhile, I’ve had my iPhone for two or more years and a Louis bag from a resale site instead … I love all of the pieces that go into a Louis Vuitton bag. It’s more than one designer, it’s a team, it’s why they made it, it’s the history of the house, it’s function. It will last.

And girl, if you only knew how long these eyebrows took. This has been going on since fourth grade. (Laughs) When I was in fourth grade, I had a unibrow – a really bad one. My mom was like, ‘I don’t know if this is child abuse, but … ’ and she took me to get my eyebrows waxed because she knew when I got a little bit older, people would start to make fun of me for it. We only stripped about four hairs in the middle. It turned into a mini-unibrow. It has been a long evolution. (Laughs)

A lot of people say, I could never put that much makeup on and think that it is caking it on, but you have to feel good about yourself before you put it on because you really are the same person in or out of makeup. And, it takes practice. People will say, I would wear makeup if I was as good as you and I say, ‘Girl, if you only saw me practicing a month ago on my eyebrows.’

I try really hard to not watch (YouTube makeup) videos because that’s not what you’re going to look like every day. It’s great to go out in, but most of the time it is watching those videos and minimizing, asking, ‘How can I do that in 20 minutes?’ That’s everyday life.”

Interview edited and condensed for clarity.Patty Templeton


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