Trends and trend-setters in Durango dining.

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Three specialty sashimi dishes to try for the sweet, spicy, or smoky lovers

SmokyThis Hamachi Cure is full of contrasts, like many of...

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Breaking Traditions

The handle of executive chef Ray Srisamer’s 18-year-old sushi knife is centimeters...

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Winning the Macho’s Nachos challenge

My editor had the “fun” idea to do the Macho’s Fast Mexican Food nachos...

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Vegan Eats in Durango

Vegans, rejoice! You have options to eat in Durango.

For folks not familiar with a vegan...

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In search of Durango’s best donut

Donuts, it seems, are a thing for me. I know, a stretch, right? Sugar, fat, carbs –...

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Animas Chocolate Company: What goes in to all that chocolate?

Absinthe-infused chocolate. Yes, that exists and you want it. The Animas Chocolate Co., 2800...

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Want to avoid tourists? Try these Durango locals’ bars

One of the toughest parts of Durango, besides the high rent, is dealing with tourists. Maybe...